Dive into the Luxurious Bedding Range by Sleepy People UK

Sleepy People UK

Discover the epitome of sleep luxury with Sleepy People UK, a haven for bedtime essentials meticulously curated for your ultimate comfort. Handpicked by renowned bedding brands, each item in their collection is designed to transform your sleep space into a tranquil sanctuary. As a family-owned business under the esteemed Comfy Group, boasting over five decades of industry expertise, Sleepy People UK is committed to delivering quality and satisfaction.


Transform Your Bedroom into a Sleep Sanctuary with Sleepy People UK


Silentnight Airmax 1000 Mattress Topper

Price: £37.99




Transform your bed with the Silentnight Airmax 1000 Mattress Topper, adding 10cm of plush comfort to your mattress. Crafted for breathability, its dual construction enhances airflow, keeping you cool and refreshed all night. The topper’s air mesh sides ensure optimal ventilation, while anti-bacterial fibres combat allergens for a clean sleep environment. Trust Silentnight, the UK’s leading bed brand, for over 75 years of quality rest.

Order now to experience revitalised sleep with Silentnight Airmax 1000 Mattress Topper!


Aery Aromatherapy Before Sleep Reed Diffuser

Price: £32.00



Immerse yourself in the calming essence of lavender, eucalyptus, and cedarwood with the Aery Aromatherapy Before Sleep Reed Diffuser. Crafted with a thoughtful blend of essential oils and perfumes, this diffuser sets the perfect mood for bedtime rituals. With top notes of bergamot and coriander, middle notes of lavender and jasmine, and base notes of cedarwood and amber, experience tranquil nights and rejuvenating sleep.

Indulge in serene slumber with this Before Sleep Reed Diffuser!


Snug Chill Out Pillows – 2 Pack

Price: £16.99


Embrace the summer breeze with Snug Chill Out Pillows. Crafted with soft microfiber and filled with squidgy fibres, these pillows offer a perfect blend of comfort and breathability for a tranquil night’s sleep. Versatile and lightweight, they suit all sleeper types. Plus, their commitment to sustainability means they’re filled with recycled materials, giving you peace of mind while you dream.

Order now to experience dreamy summer nights with Snug Chill Out Pillows!


Sealy Anti-Allergy Duvet 10.5 tog

Price: was £32.99 now £29.99


Experience unparalleled comfort and hygiene with the Sealy Anti-Allergy Duvet. Filled with anti-allergy hollow fibre, it provides an extra layer of protection against bacteria, ensuring your duvet stays fresh and hygienic. Crafted with soft-touch microfibre and detailed edges, it epitomizes luxury and durability. Say goodbye to bed bugs and dust mites, and embrace a clean, skin-safe sleep environment.

Indulge in pure comfort with Sealy Anti-Allergy Duvet!


Dreamland Memory Foam Mattress Topper

Price: was £69.99 now £64.99


Discover personalized comfort with Dreamland Memory Foam Mattress Topper. Tailored to fit your body’s contours, it offers unparalleled support and soothing pressure relief for aches and pains. Crafted to maintain its shape and density, this topper ensures consistent comfort night after night. Embrace the simple pleasure of sleep and indulge in the luxurious cosiness of Dreamland.

Experience blissful comfort with Dreamland!


Experience the joy of a restful night’s sleep with Sleepy People UK’s ethically produced products. Explore their curated selection now for a blissful slumber the whole family will love!

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