Instagram’s New Notes Feature Explained

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Instagram has recently introduced a new feature called “Notes” that lets users add written notes to their Instagram Stories. This new feature is an innovative addition to the social media giant’s already extensive list of features and functionalities.

What are Notes?

Notes are short written paragraphs that can be added to your Instagram Stories, making it easier for users to express themselves and share their thoughts with their followers. They can be written in any font, color, or size and can be customized to match the theme of your story. Notes are also interactive, allowing users to tap and expand them to view the full text.

How to Add Notes?

To add a Note to your story, simply tap the “Sticker” icon and select “Note”. From there, you can type in your desired text and customize the appearance of your note. You can also move and resize your Note to fit the desired space on your story. Once you have added your Note, you can share it with your followers, who can tap and expand it to view the full text.

What’s the Notes Feature About?

Instagram’s new Notes feature offers a wide range of possibilities for users to express themselves creatively. They can be used to share personal thoughts and experiences, to give shoutouts to friends and followers, to ask questions and start discussions, or even to provide information about products and services.

One of the key benefits of the new Notes feature is that it allows for greater interaction between users. By adding Notes to their stories, users can initiate conversations and engage with their followers in a more personal and meaningful way. This can lead to increased engagement and a more active community on the platform.

Another advantage of the new Notes feature is that it offers a new way for businesses and influencers to reach out to their followers. They can use Notes to share important information, promote products and services, or simply connect with their audience on a more personal level. This can help businesses and influencers to build stronger relationships with their followers and to increase their engagement on the platform.

Instagram’s new Notes feature is also beneficial for content creators, as it allows them to share more information with their followers and to expand upon their ideas in a creative and visually appealing way. By adding Notes to their stories, content creators can provide additional context and depth to their content, making it more engaging and informative for their followers.

The Bad Side of Notes

Despite the many benefits of Instagram’s new Notes feature, there are also some potential drawbacks. Some users may find it difficult to use the feature effectively or may be overwhelmed by the amount of content that is now available on the platform. Additionally, some users may find the new feature to be intrusive or annoying, as they may feel that it takes up too much space in their stories.

However, overall, Instagram’s new Notes feature is a positive addition to the platform. It offers users a new and innovative way to express themselves and engage with their followers, and it provides businesses and influencers with a new tool to reach out to their audiences. Whether you’re a content creator, a business owner, or just an avid Instagram user, the new Notes feature is definitely worth exploring.


In conclusion, Instagram’s new Notes feature is a powerful tool for users to express themselves and connect with their followers in a more meaningful way. With its range of customization options and its ability to initiate conversations, it is sure to be a popular addition to the platform. So if you haven’t already, be sure to give the new Notes feature a try and see how it can enhance your Instagram experience.


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