Feed your Birds with Happybeaks! Happybeaks review

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Bird feeding requires patience but offers a great way to observe birds if you’re collecting data for something or just want to have the experience of watching the birds coming to you. For this, multiple accessories are used such as bird feeders, hanging pots, birdbaths, and many more.

If you own birds, then you know how it feels to watch them grow through a healthy feed and care. Through bird feeding, you not just get close to nature but also it is the best exercise when you work tirelessly throughout the week and want to get fresh at weekend. If you haven’t tried Happybeaks for a wide range of bird feeding accessories and the finest quality of bird feeds, then we suggest that you do. We bet that you would never regret.

From hanging water feeders, mealworms, squirrel proof nets to every type of bird feed, happybeaks.co.uk has all you need. Look at the best quality products that you can get from their online store.

Happybeaks.co.uk product reviews:


Sunflower Hearts

Price – £9.95

Weight – 5kg

Husk-free sunflower seeds are loved by every size and shape of birds. They are loaded with high energy. These seeds are ideal for any feeding station as they are not specie specific.

Birds love to munch all day, and with these high energy feeds you can welcome pigeons, dunnocks, blackbirds, and many other birds to your garden. The seeds are available in 5kg, 12.75kg, and 25.5 kg packs for your feasibility.



Happy Beaks Copper Finish Seed Feeder with Six port

Price – £29.99

Attract a variety of birds to your garden with this copper Finish seed feeder having 6 ports. Its copper finish gives your garden an evenly stunning look.

An easy to open lid makes it easy to refill the container and a tray at the bottom to prevent spillage and provide support to birds. A strong handle can hold the birds and seeds inside so you don’t need to worry once you refill it. Comes with a 2-year warranty which is another plus point.


Meal Worms (Tub)

Meal Worms Tub

Price – £4.95 (200g)

A fantastic bird food, high in energy, protein, and calorie. These ideal mealworms are perfect for little birds. Since they are dried so they will last longer, and the handy tub will make it even easy to keep them secure.

Mealworms are birds specific, wrens, robins, and tits take them as a treat. To give them a fresh feel, soak them overnight in water.



Squirrel Proof Ground Feeding Haven

Price – £24.99

Often big pets of the house, big birds, and squirrels mess up bird feeds. Protect the feed pots through this handy Squirrel-proof Ground feeding haven. A domed shaped cover that lets small birds in by keeping the big pets and birds away. A multipurpose cage can also be put on the bird feed table.


Happy Beaks Bird Bath


Price – £16.99

Have this lovely birdbath in your garden and keep making feathery friends by inviting them daily for freshwater. Plus, these birdbaths looks great in classic bronze and Verdigris. The product is made with weather-resistant, hardwearing polyresin which keeps it free from rust so the product can last longer.

Visit Happy Beaks website now and enjoy great discounts 

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