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Internet access is no longer considered a luxury but rather a necessity in today’s society since our daily lives are totally dependent on it. Many individuals, for example, use it these days to acquire home goods like food and medications from the appropriate online shopping platforms. In addition, students and working professionals use the internet to take online classes and work from home to achieve their professional objectives. This is why Three Mobile broadband has come up with great news and deals.

Three broadband is a connectivity corporation with 9.5 million subscribers that links people to people. We’ll discuss Three Mobile broadband devices in today’s review blog, which allows you to experience smooth internet access on the move with low-cost monthly plans.

So, let’s begin!


Three Mobile Broadband At Your Service

Huawei 4G Plus MiFi

24-month plan

Price: was £22.00 now £11.00 save £11.00

A rechargeable WiFi connection that you can carry with you wherever you go. With the 5G Broadband Hub, you’ll get super-fast speeds, and near-instant downloads also stream in 4K resolution with a smooth video call. All of this takes place across numerous linked devices. So, it’s the ideal center for screen users and busy households.

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5G Hub

Monthly Plan

Price: £30.00

The 5G Broadband Hub provides super-fast download rates, and near-instant downloads also stream in 4K resolution. Not only that, but you can also play games with fewer problems. It’s all happening on a multitude of connected devices.

Experience the difference with Three


4G Plus Home Broadband Hub

Monthly Plan

Price: was £20.00 now £10.00 save £10.00

With this integration premium 4G Plus Hub, you may connect up to 64 devices. Stream your favorite shows in high definition. Moreover, download on a quicker, more stable connection than standard 4G. In addition, the Three 4G Plus Hub app allows the user to set parental controls, invite guests, and monitor connected devices.

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4G Home Broadband Hub

Monthly Plan

Price: was £20.00 now £10.00 save £10.00


The 4G Hub is ideal for everyday home broadband activities such as surfing, scrolling, and sharing. It connects up to 64 devices simultaneously and works from home without being concerned. Not only that, but it also features 4x Ethernet connections for maximum dependability. Ideal for connecting PCs and gaming consoles. Plug it in, and you’re ready to go.

We bet you are not going to have anything else


Pay Monthly Data Sim

Monthly Plan

Price: £22

If you’re satisfied with your current Mobile Broadband device or tablet integration, a Data Only SIM is ideal. Make use of as much info as you’ll ever require. Browse, download, email, and play without worrying about exceeding your limitation.

Now that you know which WiFi devices are ideal and their pricing and package rates, it’s time to wake up and make your moves. We hope that the information provided above will assist you in making an informed decision among the various Three Mobile broadband options.

Get your hands on Three and forget the network glitches forever!!

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