What Are The Best Witch Shows On Netflix?

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It is not a good idea to love witches, particularly if you live alone, but what about the shows that include a fierce witch, keep you hooked throughout the whole episode, and leave you terrified to enter another room in the dark? Some of these scary witches are waiting for you on Netflix, so let’s jump into the deadly pool and update your watchlist with some of the best witch shows on Netflix.



You Gotta Be Scared With The Best Witch Shows On Netflix


Below, we have listed a collection of the best witch shows.


1. The Witcher

The Witcher presents the tale of Geralt, a monster hunter, as he struggles to establish himself in a world with more monsters than humans and must continuously battle for survival. On the other hand, he meets a witch and a princess who show him the way across the continent.



2. The Vampire Diaries

The movie plot chronicles the heroine Elena Gilbert, whose life is irreparably affected by the death of her parents in a car accident. Surrounded by vampires, witches, and even werewolves, she is the only human in town. One day, she meets a gorgeous new student at her school, which is the main hook of the show.



3. Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

When Sabrina is about to turn 18, she learns that, even though all witches adore the Devil, she must sacrifice her soul to him to acquire full witch abilities, and she is devastated. The future has many mysteries. You won’t be able to tear yourself away from the TV for the whole of Sabrina’s four seasons.



4. The Order

A show about a college student who makes a life-or-death secret oath after learning that werewolves and witches are real and that they exercise dark magic as well. He had hoped to get revenge for his mother’s death, but his life became tangled in a clash between witches and werewolves.



5. Apostle

If you’re looking for a thrilling fantasy horror film, go no further than Apostle. The movie shows the time 1905 when its lead character, a British guy, goes on a quest to save his sister from a cult on a deserted island.



6. The Ritual

When four friends get together again, they remember another friend’s wish who died in a robbery incident while making a plan to visit Swedish woods in Northern Europe. The Swedish forest turned into a terrible nightmare for them, and they were all stuck in the woods in such a strange and dangerous way that they turned against each other.



7. Coven of Sisters

The story begins with a judge visiting the town to question a young lady who has been charged with witchcraft. The judge must now determine whether the village residents are correct in their claims or if the terrible lady was true and was a victim of misguided tactics.



Maybe you have already watched some of the above witch shows, but it doesn’t matter because these shows are worth watching and can be watched repeatedly.


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