What Is Violet And Scout Tiktok Age? Are They Really That Old?

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Many people continuously strive to gain fame on social media, yet only a few of them are successful in their efforts, while others have given away more of their half-lives doing so. Violet and Scout, the twins, are the luckiest people at a young age and get a large following quickly, but how old are they? Let’s try to find out what is Violet and Scout Tiktok age. When did they first start appearing on Tiktok, and for how long have they been there?



Tiktok Twins Are Little Star


According to various online resources, Violet and Scout, the Tiktok twins star, have been confirmed to be 1 year and 10 months old. Since their birthday is March 22, 2021, they are among the youngest celebrities on the platform, with over eight million fans all around the world. Due to the fact that their mother frequently posted on social media about the birth of her twins, there is no other judgment regarding the twins’ age.



Who Are These Little Stars?

Violet and Scout are the twin kids of a single mother named Maia Knight, who frequently posts videos of her twin girls engaging in everyday chores. Maia Knight is bringing up her twins on her own because their biological father abandoned Maia when she was seven weeks pregnant and asked her for an abortion. After all, he didn’t want to become a father and just wanted to fulfil his physical desire.



Maia Knight – A Single Mother of Adorable Twins

Maia Knight is a hard-working single mother of adorable twins, Violet and Scout. She was born on January 24, 1996, and is now 26. She lives in New York, United States and is well-known for her Tik Tok account, where she regularly posts videos of her twins doing ordinary things.

When her story of being left behind by her boyfriend and daddy-to-be of her twins went viral on social media, her life took an unexpected turn. Since raising her two toddlers on her own, she has earned a place on the list of “super-moms.” Fans and followers praise her for her efforts; while critics exist, she is strong enough to face them. She is working hard to provide her children with the best life possible in the absence of their father.



Followers and Likes

Maia Knight has a Tiktok account, which is named “maiaknight” From this account, she posts regular videos to her fans and followers that feature herself and her twins, Violet and Scout.

Her Instagram account has 8.6 million followers, which is a significant figure. Fans and followers also adore their Tiktok videos, and the 1.1 billion likes she has earned are a very large number.




The age of Toktok’s little star twins, Violet and Scout, is just 22 months, which means they haven’t celebrated their second birthday yet but have earned millions of followers with just a little effort by their strong mother. If it is gone through like this, the number of their followers will also increase in the coming days.





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