Is Mary On A Cross A Satanic Song?

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Upon hearing the song’s name, anyone’s first thought is either Mary on a Cross, a sinister song, or a typical artistic Ghost performance. To know the answer is Mary on a Cross a satanic song, we have gathered some information related to the controversial trending song, which will be helpful in finding the exact meaning of the song; Mary on a cross.


Introduction To The Song

Mary on a Cross is a haunting and powerful song released as part of the album “Seven Inches of Satanic Panic” by the Swedish rock band Ghost. The album, released in 2019, showcases the band’s unique blend of heavy metal and classic rock, with a touch of gothic and occult influences.



Why Is Mary On A Cross Trending?

This whole thing started when a user of the video-sharing platform TikTok used a slowed-down version of the song with a clip from the Netflix series Stranger Things. About 10,000 videos on TikTok have featured the song, which has garnered over 800 million views.


Criticized By Religious Groups

The song has a dark, gothic sound and explores themes of death and religion, with lyrics such as “Mary on a cross, bloody and forsaken, you’ll never be the same, the world is yours for the taking.” The song has gained notice because certain religious organizations have referred to the song’s title and lyrics as sacrilegious.


Why People Called It A Satanic Song

Some listeners have regarded the song “Mary on a Cross” by Ghost as satanic due to its dark and occult themes and its references to religious iconography. The song’s lyrics describe a figure of Mary on a cross, which may be interpreted as a subversion of the traditional Christian image of the Virgin Mary. Additionally, the lyrics contain references to satanic imagery, such as “666” and the “mark of the beast.”

Furthermore, the band Ghost is known for its theatrical and elaborate stage shows, often featuring elaborate costumes and props inspired by occult and satanic symbolism. This has led some listeners to associate the band with satanic themes and imagery.



Theatricality vs. Religion: Ghost’s Perspective

It’s important to note that the band has never explicitly stated that they are a satanic band. They have often described their use of satanic imagery as being more theatrical than religious. In an interview with Loudwire, the band’s lead singer, Tobias Forge, stated that Ghost has always been about making music that is dark and mysterious but, at the same time, also beautiful and melodic.

Despite the controversy, the Mary on a Cross song has received positive reviews from many music critics, and it has also been performed live by Ghost during their concerts, often accompanied by elaborate stage theatrics and costumes.




Whether or not “Mary on a Cross” is considered a satanic song is a matter of interpretation and personal opinion. Some listeners may find the song’s themes and imagery unsettling or offensive. In contrast, others may appreciate the band’s use of theatricality and symbolism to create a unique and compelling musical experience.



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