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Tired of scrolling through endless options on your streaming service only to end up watching the same old movies and shows? Say goodbye to mediocrity and hello to an all-new level of entertainment with WOWtv DE Review (formerly known as Sky Ticket). Get ready for a revolution in your viewing experience! With WOWtv, you’ll have access to the most exciting movies, exclusive series, and epic live sports games from Sky Deutschland. Don’t get bored anymore with the usual lineup of predictable content on other streaming platforms. Prepare to have your mind blown with WOWtv DE.


Revolutionize Your Entertainment with WOWtv DE Review



Price: from €9.98 per month



Get ready for your monthly streaming fix with this monthly subscription! With over 700 of the most popular films and exclusive award-winning series from HBO, Sky Originals, Warner TV, and more, you’ll never run out of content to binge. Choose the term of your subscription – whether it’s monthly or annual – and enjoy your favorite shows in FullHD with Dolby 5.1 surround sound on 2 streams simultaneously without any pesky ads.

Try WOW Premium for free for 7 days and save up to 50% on an annual subscription or get a monthly one!


Live Sport

Price: from €29,99 per month



Experience the ultimate thrill of live sports with the Live Sport subscription from Sky Sport. Watch all your favourite Saturday matches in the Bundesliga, along with every game in the 2nd Bundesliga individually and in the conference. Never miss a beat with complete coverage of the Premier League, DFB Cup, Formula 1, MotoGP races, ATP and WTA tours, PGA Tour and more. Enjoy top-notch entertainment with 300 NHL games and exclusive access to Wanda Diamond League meetings.

Subscribe now and never miss a moment of live sports action.


Film & Series + WOW Premium (ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION)

Price: from €5.98 per month



Film & Series + WOW Premium plan is the ultimate subscription for movie and series junkies. Choose your preferred subscription term and dive into a collection of over 700 popular films, including blockbusters fresh from the cinema. Get exclusive access to award-winning top series from HBO, Sky Originals, Warner TV and more.

Don’t miss out on this binge-worthy experience; subscribe now!



Price: from €34.97 per month



Say goodbye to multiple monthly subscriptions and hello to the ultimate entertainment package with this MOVIES, SERIES & LIVE SPORT bundle! Get all the great new blockbusters, exclusive series, and thrilling live sports for the lowest price in a year; significant savings off your annual subscription—24% off—while you indulge in all your viewing desires.

Book now and get ready for non-stop entertainment!


Dive into the world of WOWtv DE review. From top-rated movies to binge-worthy shows and adrenaline-pumping live sports, WOWtv DE offers a selection that will keep you on the edge.

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