Why You Should Watch Cunk On Earth on Netflix

Are you looking for something short and enjoyable that you can binge-watch? Cunk on Earth is just the right choice. The show has just arrived on Netflix. It’s a creation of Charlie Brooker, who also created the popular series Black Mirror. Cunk on Earth is a collaboration between BBC and Netflix. The show was released on September 2022 and is now available for streaming on Netflix.

The show’s lead is Diane Morgan, who plays the role of Philomena Cunk, the host of a mockumentary about world history and asks the most ridiculous questions. Continue reading to know why it should make it to your watch list.

Well, for starters, it is a good way to learn more facts about history. The ill-informed and ignorant host, Philomena Cunk goes through historical moments like how religions came to be to AI with poor knowledge and perception of facts. Cunk on Earth has all the ingredients of a documentary, such as reenactments, live segments, and interviews with experts. It is a typical documentary with a touch of English humor. Cunk’s character will remind the audience of a regular British narrator.

Although Cunk’s character seems solemn, her ideas are ridiculous, to say the least.

Another interesting fact about the show is that the historians you see in it are authentic. Even though Cunk’s voiceovers are scripted, the interviews are legit. They get all flattered learning that BBC is interviewing them for a historical document. Cunk takes herself too seriously that horrifies the expert interviewees who are striving to stick to the truth. All in all, the result is hilarious. Cunk messes up all the facts in this journey of travel in time. The experts that she interviews are flabbergasted by her silly ideas.

Since the show is about world history. The audience will experience diverse scenery and images. The scenes are picturesque, similar to the way you would see in a regular documentary series. This is because of BBC’s involvement in the show as a partner producer.

The five episodes cover topics including traditional religions, ancient civilizations, war, renaissance, culture, and even the latest technology. And even though it’s a witty show, it is still able to convey a significant amount of relevant information on the subjects it covers. However, it’s Philomena’s narration that makes it comical. She is the perfect choice for this series. Diane Morgan has outdone herself and successfully given a marvelous performance as a documentary host who is naïve, sometimes lovable, and sometimes, not too much.

As far as the humor of Cunk on Earth is concerned, it is the perfect mix of an average narration of an unqualified host mixed with the elements of a great documentary. It is the best amalgamation of the documentary and comic aspects paired with a witty approach. To add authenticity and preserve the style of documentaries as they are, you would see Cunk in amazing locations such as ancient castles, caves, and other historical locations.

Cunk on Earth is a clever concoction of talented performances, smart writing, and accurate production. The short duration of the episodes as well as the length of the series make Cunk on Earth great for binge-watching.


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