Will There Be a Wednesday Season 2

Wednesday won the attention of millions, making it one of the top-ranking TV shows on Netflix. The show became 3rd most famous English series after Stranger Things & Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story. Netflix reported of about 115 million households have viewed the series, and the number is expected to grow even further!

So, will there be a Wednesday Season 2? Here’s everything we know:

No More Woe 

People are coming up with their theories as to what one can expect to see in the Season 2 of the series. The main one is that episode titles are going to be different. Every episode title of Season 1 had the word woe in it. Morticia had explained that Wednesday was named after a line of Monday’s Child, the nursery rhyme, which said that Wednesday’s a child full of woe. This was the title of the first episode.

However, using woe in Season 2 will not be suitable as by the end of Season 1 Wednesday is seen warming up to her new friends at Nevermore. Moreover, the teenager is subtly accepting her positive emotions as well. This predicts that Wednesday’s emotional growth in Season 2 would require a different tone linked with the new mystery. Also, the new season could adapt a new gothic theme.

The Plot

Soon after Xavier gives Wednesday a brand-new mobile phone, she receives an ominous text message on her phone as soon as she switches it on. The cryptic message has stalker-y images of herself as well. Wednesday realizes, happily, that she has gotten her first stalker.

Even though Wednesday isn’t a fan of social media and has a limited online presence, the stalker was able to send her a message that is both interesting and impressive considering Xavier gave her the phone.

What Will Tyler Do?

Tyler was last seen transported to a security prison or psychiatric ward in chains. However, before the move, he transformed into Hyde making us think that he killed the armed guards.

Nevermore’s Next Principal

After the death of Larissa Weems, there is no principal at Nevermore. There are limited options in terms of candidates for the job. Morticia Addams is the most obvious choice being Nevermore’s former student and a Nightshades member. But Wednesday would do everything to not let that happen with hilarious and possibly disastrous results.

What About Laurel?

Laurel was the true master of Tyler and she manipulated him. With the unraveling of her true identity, Laurel resurrected Jeremiah Crackstone. However, thanks to Wednesday, he was defeated.

But if Tyler returns to rescue his master, things could get worse at Nevermore.

Would Pugsley Attend Nevermore?

Wednesday and Pugsley attended the same high school together before Wednesday transferred to Nevermore. The age difference between the siblings is unclear. If Morticia accepts the offer to become Nevermore’s principal, it’s possible the whole Addams family could move with her. If Pugsley joins Nevermore, Wednesday would do everything to avoid hanging out with him.

Wednesday Season 2 Release Date

Since Netflix hasn’t approved Wednesday’s Season 2, nothing can be said about the release. The creators Tim Burton, Alfred Gough, and Miles Millar have hinted towards continuing the show though and it may be released in 2023.

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