How To Fix Nintendo Switch Screen Frozen Issue?

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Even though Nintendo is famed for its high-quality video game consoles, even they can crash or freeze. Players often have to deal with glitches like games stop responding during play or the switch failing to turn on/off properly. These occur due to a minor software glitch or app bug. Sometimes, a hardware malfunction can be the reason, like a damaged battery or an issue in the motherboard. A pending update or a dusty game cartridge can cause the switch screen to freeze.

Here are some of the ways you can fix the Nintendo Switch screen frozen issue:

1: Restart the Game

If the Nintendo switch is frozen, the best thing to do is turn it. Long press the power button for about 10-12 seconds. Then press it once to turn it back on.

2: Dock and Redock the Nintendo Switch

When you shift between TV mode and handheld, the Switch pauses sometimes. If the Nintendo Switch freezes or does not turn on or off properly, remove it from the dock slowly. It can be an effective method to shock the system out of the bug. The dock can scratch the glass surface, be mindful while removing it.

3: Charge Your Device Fully

Sometimes a low battery can cause a frozen switch. If the Nintendo Switch does not turn on, charge it by connecting a USB-C cable or placing the console on its respective dock. Turn it on after charging the battery. In case of the battery is fully depleted, charge it at least for half an hour before switching it on again.

4: Disconnect Wired Controllers

If you are using a wired video game controller attached to your Nintendo Switch, remove it and then wait for a few seconds before reconnecting it again.

5: Make Sure the Switch Recognizes the Controller

See that your controllers are connected and properly paired to the Switch. The ideal method to test if the console is frozen is by using the device in handheld mode. You will have to remove the console with the controllers connected to, it from the dock.

6: Use a Strong Internet Connection

Using a weak internet connection can also lead to freezing. Make sure that you are using a good internet connection. A simple way to check your internet speed is by using a website for an internet speed test.

7: Clean Your Nintendo Switch

It is difficult for the Switch to read data if the game card or microSD card slot is not clean. This can lead to a system crash or freeze. Check for dirt or dust in the card slot by removing cards from the slots. However, see that you avoid blowing in the slot as it can lead to moisture deposition and can even damage a Nintendo Switch permanently. It is better to use an air gun, a dry cloth, or a good vacuum cleaner to clean it. The method is similar to how you clean a computer CPU fan.

If you facing the issue of freezing Nintendo Switch, try out the methods mentioned above.


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