Why The Pros Use Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls

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Titleist is admittedly proud of the fact that they have more global golf ball wins than any of their competing companies. As of 2010, they are ranked 28th; who is their closest competitor? Six. Their Pro V1 golf balls are favored by a group of experts, including Steve Stricker, Kenny Perry, Geoff Ogilvy, and many others. Why? What makes professionals all over the world choose this brand over others for their most crucial games? The quality is unmistakable, the engineering is cutting-edge, and the commitment to providing golfers with the most awesome tools for the job is unparalleled.

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The Pro V1 golf balls from Titleist are at the top of the competition in terms of quality and longevity. The three-layer construction of the Pro V1s, as opposed to the two more common layer construction, is one of the major differences. Click here to give these top-notch golf balls a try!

Furthermore, three-layer balls provide the forgiveness and relief of play of two-layer balls while also providing high definition by more advanced players. The casing and central design, in tandem with the cover and dimple design, help golfers raise their skills in the following areas:

  • The longer distance
  • Drop-and-Stop command
  • Excellent scoring performance with a soft feel
  • Ball flight that is consistent

So How Does the Pro V1 Accomplish This?

Well, you are going to have to buy them to find out.

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In the meantime, allow us to give you an explanation. The inner core is bigger, measuring 1.550 inches in diameter, for increased speed, and is made of solid Polybutadiene. The casing layer is made of.035-inch thick Ionomer protects this. Surrounding this is a Urethane Elastomer outer cover, which offers exceptional durability.  Precision and control are provided by the Staggered Wave parting line and the 392 count dimple design. The overall package includes Drop-and-Stop functionality.

According to Titleist, “The Pro V1x is the performance and distance solution for Pro V1 players who require minimum spin into the green, and for golfers currently playing league with high-performance golf balls with a firmer feel and a lower spins.”

So what are you waiting for? Click here to buy these golf balls now.

How Much Does It Cost?

The Pro V1x and Pro V1 balls are the best of the best and any professional player can use them on a regular basis. They are also, as one might expect, expensive. A box of twelve cans costs $58. Consider purchasing used recycled golf balls if you want the quality without the high price. These are available in near-mint or mint condition, allowing you to enhance your game while saving money. What could possibly be better?


There’s a reason Titleist keeps the title of “No. 1 ball in golf” year after year after year: its products work. Best of all, the company is continually pushing the boundaries of advancement. The ProV1 is everything it claims to be, with excellent distance, gameplay, and greenside spin.

So if you consider yourself a professional golf player or a novice trying to learn the ropes of golf, buy these golf balls from Titliest and improve your game.

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