Where To Watch The Kingdom Seasons Other Than Netflix


Are you excited to watch Kingdom but don’t have Netflix? Don’t worry, and we got your back! Kingdom is a 2019 South Korean horror streaming television series written by Kim Eun Hee and directed by Kim Seong Hun. It has become an instant hit for viewers worldwide, with its intense scenes and narrative that keep viewers on edge.


Where To Watch The Kingdom Seasons


The great news is that you can now watch this fantastic series even without subscribing to Netflix! Multiple streaming options are available, so you won’t miss out on the epic journey of Crown Prince Lee Chang as he attempts to save his people from a mysterious plague. Here’s where you can find it:


1) Peacock

This platform is offering complete seasons of Kingdom, so catch up with Prince Lee Chang right away! Not only can subscribers watch the latest episodes, but they can also access exclusive behind-the-scenes content. So what are you waiting for? Sign up today and get ready for some thrilling zombie action!


2) Hulu

Another great place to stream Kingdom is Hulu. Like Peacock, it offers complete seasons of the series, so there will be no interruption in your binge-watch session. Moreover, users will have access to bonus clips, such as deleted scenes or interviews that are not available anywhere else. So head over today and join King Lee as he fights off zombies on screen!


3) Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime to provides complete seasons of Kingdom at this point, especially if viewers want to purchase digital copies of each episode or season pass through the Amazon Video store instead of opting for subscription services such as Hulu or Peacock etc.; they’ll have easy access through Amazon Prime app in addition to other benefits like free shipping etc., Plus, customers who sign up would receive discounts on specific packages.


4) Viki

With an extensive collection of award-winning K-dramas, other popular Asian TV series, movies, variety shows, and so much more – all available to watch online for FREE on Viki, including one of the best Korean series Kingdom– there’s no reason not to get excited! And if you are up for an even better entertainment experience with ad-free HD content – why bother to look elsewhere when there are Viki Pass subscriptions that offer just that? What more can you ask for?!


5) BritBox


BritBox is also an excellent choice to watch Kingdom without a Netflix subscription. Although BritBox is not available in all regions but still covers a large number of countries where you can watch the terrifying series Kingdom. So start your season 1 journey from Britbox and share your leisure time in style.


Wrapping Up

With so many streaming options, you no longer have to be a Netflix subscriber to enjoy the Kingdom series. Whether you’re an avid fan or just looking for something new and exciting to watch, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Viki, Peacock, and other video streaming apps offer great alternatives to watching your favourite Korean shows—including the popular Kingdom series.




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