What Is Axie Infinity? What You Need To Know

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Nowadays, games are just not games. Any of you can earn money and win the competition from such games. There is a digital currency which is known as Axie infinity. Players who play Pokémon are familiar with this currency. If you are here to find out, then let’s share some news about what is Axie Infinity?


What is Axie Infinity?




Axie Infinity is a game. In which a crypto-meets-Pokemon. In this game, players raise battles and trade cute NFT pets called Axis. It represents two native cryptocurrencies. In addition, Axie Infinity shards (Axs) are bought and sold like a currency. They are sold in Coinbase and Small Love Potion (SLP) exchanges. This is awarded to players who spend time in the game.


How Does It Work? 


Axie infinity describes as play to earn. Where players sell their breed, in-game real estate, and accessories like flowers or barrels, these are sold in the NFT marketplace. The NFT marketplace is filled with tokens. There are two exceptional cryptocurrencies used in the game.

The primary token Axie Infinity Shards (AXS), can be bought and sold on the Coinbase exchange. You will need some AXS to play the game, but you can also trade AXS like bitcoin or Dogecoin.

The second token, called Small Love Potion (SLP), is awarded to the player for spending time in the game. You can win these tokens by beating an opponent. The more you play, the more your rack increases in SLP.


What Is The Current Price Of AXS?




You can visit the website for the current rate of AXS.


How To Play Axis Infinity?

what is Axie Infinity?


If you are interested in playing this game, you will need an Ethereum-compatible crypto wallet and some ETH. You can buy ETH from the Coinbase exchange. Also, you can download Coinbase from the App Store, Google Play, or Metamask. You can also download the Chrome extension for Coinbase.

If you have decided to play, you need to buy three Axis from the game’s marketplace. Sky Mavis takes at least a 4.25% cut of all Axis. The virtual real estate and other items users sell each other. ”Rare” Axis with desirable traits cost more.




Players can also “breed” new Axis, which costs some of the game’s two native cryptocurrencies: Axie Infinity Shards (AXS) and Small Love Potion (SLP). In addition, you can earn SLP by successfully battling other players and completing quests.


What Are Some Risks Related To Axie Infinity?

Axie infinity represents a new model for crypto-based gaming because the prices of AXS and SLP can correlate due to the popularity of their games. It might fall if players migrate to a competitor or lose interest.

Before buying and selling any of these digital currencies, you must know the NFT marketplace. Also, you need to have complete information about Axie infinity.


Axie Infinity Game



Axis infinity is a digital currency in the gaming world. If you have played Pokémon, you must be familiar with Axis infinity. This currency is bought and sold in Coinbase and Small Love Potion. Both coins have their benefits. Now you know what Axie infinity is? Want to add something? Tell us in the comment below.

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