Top 5 Titleist Golf Balls Every Golfer Must Check Out

Titleist golf balls are most popular due to their exceptional performance, creative design and technology, and precise manufacturing. Titleist’s first golf ball emerged in 1935. After 86 years, the brand successfully owned over 1600 intellectual patents and manufactured a million golf balls. Titleist makes a variety of top-notch golf balls.

Check out the Titleist golf ball range and be amazed.

Since every player wants to have the best Titleist golf mall that suits their skills and abilities.

Here are the top 5 golf balls from Titleist:

1.   Titleist Pro V1

This is the best match for consistency, performance, and quality. Pro V1 has been ranking on top for two decades now. Since its inception, Titleist Pro V1 is the best of the brand in terms of performance and consistency. Titleist Pro V1 aces in both categories. Although an expensive option, it delivers exceptional value that makes up for the cost. Players trust Pro V1 to get them what they want. This is the best thing about Titleist golf balls, it has a ball to meet various needs and preferences.

The Titleist Pro V1 provides a mid-low flight, mid-spin, and a medium feel. 

2.   Titleist Pro V1X

This ball is ideal for those who prefer to have a higher spin and firmer feel. Titleist ProV1x is suitable for those golf players who are inclined towards the firm feel and a higher spin end. With Titleist golf balls, consistency is constant, and this goes for all of their balls.

With a high spin, Pro V1x offers a mid-flight and mid feel.

3.   Titleist AVX

Those golf players who opt for a softer feel should opt for Titleist AVX. This is suitable for those golf players with a slower swing speed. AVX is the best option for them. This golf ball delivers a soft feel off every club. It has the lowest compression number of any Titleist premium offering. Moreover, Titleist AVX offers a consistency level and quality similar to all the Titleist ball staffs.

You won’t find a better softball than Titleist AVX.

4.   Titleist Pro V1X Left Dash

Titleist Pro V1x Left Dash takes the lead when it comes to maximum distance. The Pro V1x Left Dash was designed with the traits required for achieving an epic distance off the tee. Robot testing proved that Left Dash was the longest of all tested.

Titleist Pro V1x has a high spin with a firm feel.

5.   Titleist Tour Speed

Although when it comes to Titleist premium golf balls, there is not a fixed budget. However, the Tour Speed continues to offer both quality and performance at a slightly lower price. The reason it costs a bit lower than others is because of the slightly cheaper manufacturing process. Moreover, the Titleist Tour Speed is the softest of the Titleist urethane range. When it comes to the compression scale, Tour Speed comes to a couple of points lower than the AVX.

Tour speed is the best of both worlds: quality and performance.


You can rest assured that it does not compromise on distance because it came in second to Left Dash in high swing-speed robot driving testing. It is the best golf ball on a budget by Titleist.

Go pick yourself the best Titleist golf ball.

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