Hyperoptic Broadband Review 2022: The Best Broadband in UK

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Hyperoptic offers gigabit broadband and aims to meet the UK Government’s target of a full-fibre nation by 2025. It is now functional in 57 towns and cities and the number continues to grow with incredible deals and offers.

Hyperoptic is award-winning broadband, and rightly so. Founded in 2011, Hyperoptic boasts advanced fibre optic technology along with gigabit speeds 11x faster than the national average According to Broadband Provider Survey 2021, Hyperoptic ranks on top. It has more 5-star reviews than Sky, Virgin, and BT.

What’s more? Hyperoptic offers an array of impressive deals, to say the least.

Continue reading to know more about this full fibre broadband provider:

Features of Hyperoptic Broadband Plans

Hyperoptic | Full Fibre Optic Broadband up to 1Gb

  • No Hidden Costs

The company is authentic and delivers exceptional customer service 24/7. With Hyperoptic, you can set aside your worries about any hidden costs. Also, the charges are never increased during the commitment period.

  • Fastest Than Average UK Broadband

The 1GB package of Hyperoptic is more than 11x faster than UK’s average broadband.

  • Variety of Packages

You have the flexibility of signing up for whatever suits you best. 12-months, 24-months, or monthly.

  • Excellent Speed for Uploads and Downloads

Hyperoptic offers symmetrical speeds. As a result, you can upload as fast as you can download with its 150Mbps+packages.

You would find it hard to resist its attractive deals and packages.

  •   Unlimited Data

The users can enjoy unlimited data from HyperopticBe it streaming, browsing, downloading, or online gaming. There are no limitations.

Having gone through some of its main features, let’s discuss Hyperoptic installation, speed, and packages.

How Long Does the Installation Take?

Hyperoptic build full fibre broadband to Hounslow social housing | Capital West London

The full-fibre network serves more than 230,000 customers and passes over 825,000 homes and businesses. The provider has been growing at an accelerating pace and aims to lay more than 1,500 km of fibre to connect a further 400,000 homes and offices.

The company does not utilize the Open reach network. You need a separate Hyperoptic Socket. The installation takes an hour and the socket is installed 10 meters from the entrance. It takes 4 -6 weeks to connect the whole building.

Check if Hyperoptic is available in your area.

Hyperoptic – Broadband Deals

Hyperoptic deals are the best part about the broadband provider. It does not sell the standard speed deals. The company has a high-speed fibre broadband network. To benefit from UK’s fastest broadband, you don’t need a phone line. Hyperoptic offers broadband-only deals to customers. It will cost an additional £2 a month for a phone line.

Moreover, the provider promises to keep the tariff the same for the duration of your contract. The contracts are usually 12 to 24 months. A monthly rolling contract would cost a bit more every month.

Hyperoptic Broadband Plans and Speeds

The broadband offers fiber broadband only for its entire network. It offers speed and capacity that is beyond any other UK service provider. Hyperoptic has four main packages:

  • Fastoffers an average speed of 50Mbps
  • Superfast offers an average speed of 150 Mbps
  • Ultrafast has an average speed of 500Mbps
  • Hyperfast offers an average speed of 900Mbps

Hyperoptic also collaborates with Sky TV through Sky Glass or Sky Q box and entertainment bundle. You can be merged with Fast, Superfast, or Ultrafast.

You can visit the website to know more about the deals.

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