The Most Shocking Allegations from Prince Harry’s Memoir

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In his new memoir, Spare, Prince Harry has launched a series of alarming allegations against members of the Royal family. The book talks about relationships, his life as a royal, dealing with his mother’s death, falling in love with Meghan Markle, and more. Although the book hasn’t been published yet, the leaked excerpts from the memoir reveal some shocking claims and have created quite a stir.

Continue reading to know more about the explosive accusations by the Duke of Sussex:

Physical Altercation with Prince William

The most surprising account in the memoir is of William knocking Harry to the ground during a heated argument in 2019 when William visited Nottingham cottage to discuss Meghan. Harry wrote in the book that they got into a shouting match where the Prince of Wales grabbed him by the collar, ripped his necklace, and knocked him to the floor. Harry claims to have suffered from visible marks on his back. Harry did not tell Meghan at first, but she noticed the marks, so he had to. The altercation made her terribly sad.

William & Kate Urged Harry to Dress up as a Nazi

Back in 2005, a picture of 20-year-old Harry dressed in a Nazi soldier uniform at a native and colonial theme party surfaced in a British tabloid that led to public uproar. Harry describes it as one of the biggest mistakes of his life and claims that Kate and William encouraged him to wear the costume for a party and howled with laughter when they saw him in the uniform.

William & Harry Begged Charles Not to Marry Camilla

Harry writes in his book how once he and William pleaded with Charles not to marry Camilla, the now Queen Consort. Harry feared the wicked stepmother of the stories and believed Camilla would be too. He said that he and his brother were ready to forgive her in their hearts, if she could make Prince Charles happy. But the brothers begged him not to marry her after Princess Diana’s death.

William is Harry’s Arch Nemesis

In his new book, Harry has called Prince William his arch-nemesis. Since Harry stepped down from his royal duties, the brothers shared an estranged relationship. TV anchor Michael Strahan quoted from the book during an interview with Harry that is yet to be aired. In a clip, he is seen asking what you mean by “beloved brother and arch-nemesis”? to which Harry reported emotionally that there has always been a competition between them strangely.

Poor Joke by Prince Charles on Harry’s Birth

Harry has always felt like a spare to an heir (William). While explaining the title, Harry claims that Charles made a crass joke when Harry was born. Charles said to Diana now you have given me an heir and a spare, my work is done.

These are just a handful of the facts stated by the Duke of Sussex in his autobiography. To know more, you should get your hands on the bombshell memoir that has created quite a stir with just a few of its excerpts.


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