The Lucky Girl Syndrome Trend on TikTok: What’s It About

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TikTok has come up with a new term for the supposed power of positive thinking. The lucky girl syndrome is growing at a fast pace. It is an affirmation that luck is just a state of mind.

What is Lucky Girl Syndrome?

As per lucky girl syndrome, if you believe you are lucky and keep a positive approach, you can make luck come to you. All in all, if you say positive things loudly, they will become your reality.

TikTok's 'Lucky Girl Syndrome' is an exercise in self-delusion - RUSSH

Lucky Girl Syndrome forms the idea that you are chosen for it. Although conventional manifestation involves the perception that good things will come your way. However, there is some effort required on your end. Individualism plays a key role in it as it is simple to make everything about yourself. And that one should focus on their life with all time and energy.

Is it Right?

Not completely. This type of mindset can transform into toxic positivity because it gives the idea that everyone can achieve anything if they think about it. This thinking can be harmful to people with disabilities or any type of chronic condition. Having a positive outlook can be a good thing. And positive thinking does help. But toxic positivity is more damaging. It is the need to be positive always in the face of obstacles and challenges in life as well. It is not humanly possible to feel positive all the time. No one can be positive 24/7 all year round.

Moreover, few people on TikTok claim that the lucky girl syndrome is racist and ableist. Also, it gives the idea that merely with the power of positive thinking one can transform their life. This is and cannot be true for everyone. Also, good thoughts cannot be helpful if someone is suffering from certain mental health conditions.

While positive thinking is good, some problems in life require you to take charge and cannot be solved with the power of thought alone.

The Problem with Lucky Girl Syndrome 

There are many issues with lucky girl syndrome. It is misleading the audience and makes them think that all they need is luck. That person needs to be lucky to attract the things they want into their lives. This suggests that rather than making effort, taking action, and making things happen for them, people should sit back and wait for good things to come to them.

Moreover, it makes people feel that they are not lucky enough and that is hindering them from taking charge of their lives. The reality is that some people begin their journey with better tools and resources. They have better abilities and opportunities than others. But this does not imply that people cannot overcome obstacles. It is not that people cannot face challenges and overcome that. But it is difficult to do so without baseline assets.

The bottom line is that even though there is nothing wrong with positive thinking, there is a fine line between appreciating an optimistic approach and suggesting others change their attitude for their wildest aspirations to transform into reality.


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