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SimplyCook is a recipe kit service that was founded by Oli Ashness out of a desire to get even the busiest people to cook new and interesting recipes at home. Unlike other recipe boxes that come with all the ingredients required to create a dish from scratch. SimplyCook is a letterbox-sized delivery. Cook authentic recipes using flavors hand-picked and blended by expert chefs · Expand your repertoire with easy-to-follow 15-20 min recipes.


SimplyCook UK | Welcome To The World Of Tasty Food


Louisiana Linguine


A savory, mildly hot, and creamy sauce coats the linguine which is topped with charred chicken marinated in spices often used in the deep south of the USA. A squeeze of lemon lifts all the flavors, ensuring a comforting but exciting plate of food. This is equally good with prawns instead of chicken if you prefer.

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Thai Red Prawn Curry


With authentic Thai flavors of galangal, shallots, and dried red chili, this is a deliciously savory curry that is balanced by the sweetness of the coconut milk and the cherry tomatoes. With desiccated coconut and fresh basil leaves to garnish and a steaming bowl of jasmine rice on the side, this fragrant dish is easy to make and really hits the spot!

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Jerk Chicken



Jerk Chicken – the most popular dish to be exported from Jamaica features succulent pieces of chicken marinated in a delicious, fiery jerk sauce and grilled until blackened and crispy. Normally an absolute scorcher with scotch bonnet chilies, we’ve toned down the heat in ours but kept the flavor big with over 21 ingredients alone in our Jerk Seasoning including allspice, thyme, ginger nutmeg, and cinnamon.

Incomplete without rice and peas, we show you how to create the authentic side to this Caribbean carnival of a dish in the comfort of your own home. No need to marinate for hours on end, we’ve packed all the flavor into our three little pots.

Your belly knows best, chicken dinner is a winner.


Mexican Pulled Chicken



Mole (pronounced mo-leh) from Puebla, Mexico is traditionally a deep, rich flavored one-pot with ancho chili, chipotle, and chocolate, which gives the sauce its dark color. Our quick version of tender pulled chicken takes inspiration from the Mole sauce, making for a tasty burger filling. The chipotle slaw adds crunch and color to the toasted brioche bun and the paprika sweet potato fries tie it all together nicely!

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Firecracker Chicken Noodles



Five-spice pan-fried chicken tossed through sweet and spicy noodles with charred stir-fry veg. A tamari soy and miso base sauce adds real depth to this flavourful bowl of food. Firecracker seasoning is an ancient blend of aromatic spices.

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