Get More For Your Money With Hyperoptic UK Deals

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Don’t fall victim to the price increase! Many large broadband providers raise their pricing on an annual basis, while Hyperoptic does not. With Hyperoptic UK packages, you can keep your broadband speeds high while keeping your monthly fee cheap. With fibre optic broadband beginning at only £20 per month, you can avoid other providers’ pricing increases and enjoy fast, dependable internet for less.

There’s no need to be concerned about long-term commitments either; you can select a plan that best suits your needs, whether it’s for 12 months, 24 months, or rolling monthly. So, why delay? With Hyperoptic, you can get the finest broadband offer in the UK right now.


Stay Connected With Reliable Hyperoptic UK Deals


Student broadband deals



They offer fast and reliable full fiber broadband WiFi, which won’t break the bank to cater to your student needs. Explore our flexible student discount deals. Monthly Rolling Student Broadband. Their student deals. Simply provide your student email address or ID when you order.

Enjoy flexible full-fiber broadband for just £23 a month!


Hyperfast broadband for new build homes



They bring their fiber broadband all the way to your new build home while it’s still being built! This means all this is ready and waiting…

Online in minutes: Simply order service; they’ll get you online from the day you move in.

Hyper fast fiber: Up to 18x faster than the UK’s average (and ultra-reliable too)

3 months free: Your first 3 months FREE (including Hyperoptic Total Wi-Fi) on any 12 or 24-month package.


Now get connected on your moving day easily!


Discover Gigabit Broadband



Faster internet speed means more bandwidth and reliability – and 1Gb home broadband gives you faster downloads and uploads, better quality streaming, video, and gaming, with way less buffering and lag. Gigabit broadband at home also means more of you can be online at once without interruptions. You can Zoom call, watch Netflix, listen to Spotify, play Call of Duty, and order Deliveroo – at the same time.

Experience the power of gigabit broadband and unlock the full potential of your device.


Total Wi-Fi



Hyperoptic Total Wi-Fi is their mesh Wi-Fi service, which gives you the ultimate speed, reliability, and coverage – in every room. Available to add to your Hyperoptic service at any time (including when you place your order), Total Wi-Fi includes our powerful Wi-Fi extender, the Minihub, which can be easily set up to supercharge your Hyperoptic connection for unstoppable Wi-Fi.

Wrap your home in hyper-fast Wi-Fi and enjoy the ultimate speed, reliability, and coverage!



Hyperoptic’s Fair Fibre Plan



They think high-quality broadband is for everyone – so they make their full fiber even more affordable for low-income families on Universal Credit or those claiming benefits. They offer discounted prices for those who need it most, without compromising on quality. All the good stuff, just even better value.

High-quality broadband for those on Universal Credit or benefits!


Avoid becoming locked into a long-term contract. Hyperoptic UK Deals has you covered with fast, dependable internet at a low cost.

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