Should You Get Walking Pads For Your Home Gym?

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You may see people using a variety of fitness equipment on FitTok, from people performing cardio with hand weights to those doing core exercises with just an ab roller. Recently, you may have seen folks using a walking pad to get their steps in. This device resembles a less-clunky treadmill, which is why it is popular.

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If you’ve been curious about this fitness tool and whether you should add it to your home gym, know that it will be a worth-it decision. After all, it’s exactly a treadmill – except it’s smaller and simpler in design. Some have handlebars, but the majority just have a flat, rolling tread that you can regulate with a remote to vary the speed as you walk. In comparison, a typical treadmill typically costs around $2,000, whereas walking pads often cost $400 or even less, based on the type. The fact that walking pads are typically compact and attractive is undoubtedly part of their appeal, particularly if your home gym is cramped. They are simple to hide away by sliding underneath a bed or couch, and some even fold in half to fit in a corner or closet.

If you’re thinking about getting one for yourself, you should be aware of the following information.

Advantages of Walking Pads

Walking pads have the advantage of being considerably simpler to move than to sit for long periods, in addition to being smaller, more portable, and less expensive than treadmills. They have a small footprint and may be combined with a home office set-up to keep you active throughout the day. It may be pulled out when you’re preparing to watch a movie or you can simply slither it up beneath your workstation and take a stroll while you type. Key as well If you feel like strolling late at night, you won’t have to worry about bothering anyone because they are considerably calmer than a tread.

Are They Safe?

Numerous walking pads are simply that—pads. They therefore lack the typical treadmill handrails, which can make using them a little more challenging. Keeping your eyes straight ahead will assist you in remaining balanced when walking, keeping you stable and safe. The majority of models will also cease when you stop moving or remove yourself from the gadget.

Are They Fast?

Do not anticipate using one of these pads for sprint training due to their size. The fact that a walking pad is designed exclusively for walking, as its name suggests, is one of the key distinctions between them and a treadmill. Even though they look a little quick, we advise running on them. Most of them only travel at four miles an hour or less. Although they may be well-made, they are usually not durable enough to sustain extended durations of jogging or running. But it’s wise to presume that a walking pad isn’t safe for running unless specifically specified in the description.

Bottom Line: Should You Buy It For Your Gym?

A walking pad is the best option if you require (and really use!) something that can be folded up for storage. Include walking pads in your search if you want a genuine treadmill but your budget is tight. However, keep in mind that you might be happier purchasing a used treadmill instead of a walking pad that falls short of a treadmill’s capabilities. Go for it if you believe you can truly accomplish work while walking (or if you’re really set on using the device while watching TV). Be the type of remote worker who wears an ankle watch that you desire to see in the world.


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