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Sedusia CH
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Sedusia CH is an online brand that offers a huge range of products for your love life. Sedusia CH has different products that will meet everyone’s needs. Sedusia CH continuously improves and updates the quality of its products to maintain customer satisfaction. Sedusia CH always comes up with innovative ideas to provide you with the ultimate experience.

Their team is dedicated to providing unique and the best online shopping experiences to its customers. Their amazing customer support team listens to you and finds the best solutions for you. Also, Sedusia CH ensures the protection of your data and information. Below are some of the products by Sedusia CH for women.


Shop Women’s Products At Sedusia CH

Pjur Woman Aloe

CHF 19.90



Pjur Woman Aloe is a must-have product for every woman. This lubricant comes with aloe vera and is essential for intimate care. It is necessary to offer extra elasticity. This lubricant is good for your skin. It comes with a 100ml product. Also, it lasts longer. It is a high-quality lubricant and is recommended for women. This lubricant contains aloe vera so it provides some essential vitamins for skins. In this way, it makes your skin more elastic. You should pick this for a high-quality lubricant that offers a softer and more elastic skin.

It is a must-have for every woman!


Pure Moringa Libido Power

CHF 49.90



This Pure Moringa Libido Power is an effective dietary supplement. It is specially designed for women. It is a dietary supplement to enhance vitality and libido. It is a vegan recipe that comes with moringa, L-arginine, and damiana. You have to take a maximum of 2 capsules a day. Take it without chewing with a lot of water. You should not take more capsules than the recommended limit. This dietary supplement comes with 60 capsules. One thing to consider is that these capsules are not an alternative to a balanced diet. It is not a substitute for your diet and healthy lifestyle. Always keep it in a dry and cool area that should be away from light.

Buy these dietary supplements for your wellness!


YesForLove Intimate Crap

CHF 29.90



This perfume is suitable to use on your whole body. Also, you can use it on intimate skin areas. This perfume comes with natural and sensual ingredients. It is tested by gynecologists and recommended for intimate skin areas. It is completely safe to use. Also, you can use it on any body part for a good smell. This is an essential product for women that will make them attractive. It can also be used with your regular perfume.

Pick this perfume to smell good!


Sedusia CH comes with innovative ideas for the wellness of their customers. Sedusia CH has a wide range of products that will meet everyone’s needs. Explore Sedusia CH and shop for your favorite products.


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