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Protect, Secure, Deliver With Rajapack DE encapsulates its core mission. They are dedicated to safeguarding your products in transit, ensuring secure packaging that meets your specific needs, and guaranteeing reliable delivery. Their extensive range of quality packaging materials, innovative solutions, and expert advice empower businesses to maintain the integrity of their shipments. With Rajapack DE, you can trust that your items will reach their destination in perfect condition, building trust and satisfaction with your customers while saving you time and money.


Shop Smart, Ship Secure With Rajapack DE

VC warning tape with standard print (12 versions)

Price: €4.52



This high-quality and particularly tear-resistant PVC warning tape is provided with standard printing. It combines optimal sealing performance with the protection of your shipments through appropriate warnings. PVC warning tapes with standard printing adhere very well to different surfaces, such as cardboard, plastic, wood, or aluminum, and can therefore be used universally. Label your goods to avoid damage. PVC warning tape with standard printing makes the highest possible contribution to the transport and storage safety of your shipments.

Secure shipments with warning tape!


Set of super-adhesive hand stretch film (2 versions)

Price: €128.00


A particularly practical set includes 6 rolls of super-adhesive hand stretch film made of PE film and a matching steel dispenser. The stretch film is characterized by very good adhesion and excellent stretchability in both directions. It holds your pallet loads perfectly in position and is ideal for stretching pallets with protruding corners and sharp edges.

Stretch and protect with a super-adhesive hand stretch film set.


Corrugated cardboard folding box

Price: €1.14


The corrugated cardboard folding boxes with variable filling heights are suitable for economical economical packaging of different goods, even for rarely used box sizes. The folding boxes save filling material and storage space. The height-variable folding boxes made of corrugated cardboard are ideal for picking, safely shipping, transporting, and storing documents and printed matter, such as catalogs or brochures. But light electrical appliances and textiles can also be optimally packaged. The height-adjustable folding boxes can be set up in no time and adapt perfectly to the height of their contents.

Pack smart with cardboard folding boxes.


Environmentally friendly bubble wrap

Price: €22.60

Recycled bubble wrap protects your products from damage caused by impacts during transport or shipping. The flexible, tear-resistant, and strong bubble wrap is a shock-absorbing cushion protection for fragile, light to medium-weight products such as B. Glass, mirrors, furniture, and other furnishings. It adapts perfectly to your goods, regardless of their shape.

Protect with a green touch!


RAJAPOST postal box

Price: €0.31


This durable box is particularly suitable for sending products of any size. They are ideal for the safe shipping, transport, and storage of documents and printed matter in DIN A6, DIN A5, DIN A4, and DIN A3, CDs, and DVDs as well as decorative items, vases, calendars, and other products.

Shipping simplified with RAJAPOST!


Unbox savings and elevate your shipping experience with Rajapack DE’s exclusive offers on premium packaging solutions.

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