Check Perform Better Summer Sale & Save 40% On Best Gym Equipment

Perform Better summer sale
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Are you looking for fitness equipment to use at home and put your good intentions into practice? Then Perform Better summer sale could be just the thing for you. Perform Better specializes in selling all types of training equipment. There are many different sectors represented. You will find equipment for strength and bodyweight training, athletic, fascia, and mobility training, as well as accessories for cardio, yoga, and Pilates. A total of more than 1000 products are offered, the range changes depending on what the manufacturer offers.

Want to know more? Let’s get into knowing more about Perform better summer sale today.


Perform Better Summer Sale


PB Vinyl Kettle Bells (piece) – 4 kg

Price: now €16.92 was €19.90 save 14.97%


With the kettlebells, you can get the most out of your workout, improve your endurance, shape the muscles, stimulate the metabolism and burn a lot of fat. In addition, for those who occasionally want to add variety to their fitness and strength training, training with kettlebells is the perfect solution.

Let’s be a fun fit with these kettlebells.


TRX – Burn

Price: now €119.96 was €149.95 save 20%


The TRX Burn is an excellent all-rounder for your workout. Moreover, it helps you improve your fitness, burn fat, build muscle and increase your mobility both at home and on the road. As a result, it provides you with everything you need for an excellent workout. The TRX Burn allows you to conduct over 300 total-body workouts.

Shape your muscles with this TRX burn.


Power Block Sport EXP Kit

Price: now €166.55 was €195.95 save 15%


PowerBlock Sport EXP Kit 31.8-40.8kg (70-90lbs.) Stage 3 (Pair)


The Power Block Sport EXP is the latest model of the adjustable dumbbell system. The new slim and dark design makes the Power Block Sport EXP a real eye-catcher in every gym. Furthermore, the handle has a dead weight of 2.5 kg. The weight blocks’ flexible connecting rods make it possible to quickly adjust each dumbbell to the required weight. Not only that, the patented plug-in system replaces a variety of classic dumbbells and is therefore very compact and space-saving.

Energize your desire with this power block.


Assault Air Bike

Price: now €934.96 was €1,099.95 save 15%


The Assault Air Bike features unique technology that regulates pedaling resistance through air resistance alone, allowing for step-less and limitless adjustable pedaling intensity. Moreover, the anatomically shaped hybrid seat can be quickly and easily adjusted to four different height levels. For measuring different parameters during training, a high-resolution LCD has been included.

Look fit, feel fit with this air bike.


PB Strong Hex Dumbbell

Price: now €3.96 was €4.95 save 20%


PB Strong Hex dumbbell (pcs) 1 kg


The PB Strong Hex Dumbbells have an ergonomically shaped handle as well as a rubber coating. They are high-quality processed, long-lasting, and occasionally suited for professional usage in the studio. Despite that, these dumbbells are robust and stand even the highest professional demands. Therefore, move it and lose some pounds with these hex dumbbells.

So let’s hover over Perform Better summer sale and get all high-quality equipment to keep yourself moving!

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