Save 25% On Strong Weight Plates From Perform Better Deal Of The Week

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Every commercial gym depends on its strength equipment. Therefore, be careful to select from the best strength equipment brands. Perform Better is the brand that stands for the highest quality products and is the expert in studio solutions and functional training equipment. Originally from Germany, the company has successfully established itself as the market leader in functional and athletic training.

So heads up!!! Perform Better deal of the week has brought strong weight plates with a 25% saving offer. You should not weight to fill your cart as the sale won’t stay for long. Get them now and give your gym another stock.


Top Fitness And Gym Equipment From Perform Better Deal Of The Week


Weight Plate

Price: now €24.71 was €32.95 save 25.01%

Perform Better deal of the week

The competitive weight plates from PB Strong suit all dumbbell bars with disc holders that have a 50 mm diameter. Due to the high-quality rubber coating, these weights are gentle on the floor and insensitive to scratches and impacts. Moreover, the plates are robust and durable. The steel core reduces the plate’s rebound as it hits the ground.

Weight plates for the ideal competition preparation.


Gymnastic Rings (pair)

Price: now €59.95

PB Strong gymnastic rings (pair)


The PB straps are Strong gymnastics rings that are 5.4 m long and may be installed wherever there is a stable anchoring possibility at an appropriate height. As a result, the rings are appropriate for both personal and professional use in the studio. The straps, as well as the rings, are made of very strong material.

Train like professional gymnasts with this gymnastic ring.


Jam Ball Black

Price: now €7.96 was €9.95 save 20%


PB Strong Jam Ball Black 2 kg

The PB Strong Jam ball features a thick rubber outer shell that is resistant to even the most powerful loads. A sand filling gives the necessary weight and avoids any rebound due to flexibility. Moreover, the textured, rough surface ensures a secure grip during all activities. The weight ball is appropriate for both domestic and professional studio use.

Improve your fitness game today with this jam ball.


Barbell Bar

Price: now €254.96 was €299.95 save 15%


Because of its high-quality alloy, the PB Strong competition barbell Pro has an extraordinarily high tensile and compressive strength with simultaneous flexibility. They are quite durable and of good quality. Furthermore, the 20 kg bar contains 12 strong chrome needle bearings that effectively minimize weight on the hand and joints, boosting training comfort.

The best barbell for the best competitive preparation.


Neck Pad Black

Price: now €19.95

PB Strong Neck Pad Black

The PB Strong neck pad offers the perfect protection against pressure points and bruises when training with the barbell. Not only that, the pad roll allows comfortable training with the barbells, as it promotes secure support of the bar, and at the same time also prevents pain during exercise execution.

Have a strong grip on the bar with this neck pad.

Here are the top fitness and gym equipment from Perform Better deal of the week. Each piece of equipment will help you build strength and train your body to use the right muscles.

Get the chance to save a big amount on check out today!

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