Passengers On Elon Musk’s ‘Hyperloop’ Branded ‘Dumbest People On Earth

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In today’s world, everyone has access to see what others do and can say why others did that. Similarly, the people who traveled on Elon Musk’s ‘Hyperloop’ are being heavily criticized by the public on social media. But why are the passengers on Elon Musk’s ‘Hyperloop’ branded ‘dumbest people on the planet? Let’s find the exact story behind that.



When Did It Start?

From January 5th through the 8th, 2023, the trade show featured the latest technological advancements. Ross, The Tech Stack Guy on TikTok who uses the handle @ecomross, gave people a sneak peek at the Vegas Loop, which was built by the tech billionaire and The Boring Company.

For opting to ride Elon Musk’s excessively complex, high-speed transport network, the Hyperloop, passengers have been called “the dumbest people on the planet.”



What Was In Ross Tiktok Video

At the beginning of the video, Ross mentioned “This is the Vegas Loop, Elon’s answer to traffic, and will save about fifteen to twenty minutes of walking.”

Ross went on to say that, if you want to join the inner loop, you need to take the elevators to the basement and then grab a Tesla. When he arrived underground, he saw a number of Teslas, neon-colored lights, and people waiting in line for rides.

Following that, a Hyperloop staff asked Ross to wait in line with two other men who were also standing to ride a Tesla together.

When the Tesla arrived, the three entered the car and the ride started. They could be heard talking about how much they liked the journey and how much they enjoyed the “happy rainbow lights” that lit up the tunnel as they traveled.

At last, Ross pans the camera to demonstrate that “new vehicles will go down into the loop,” meaning they are getting ready to pick up new passengers.



Dumbest People On The Planet

On 7th January 2023, the video was also shared on Twitter from the handle named @UrOrientalist with the caption “Dumbest people on the planet”. Some people made jokes about it, questioning why someone would choose the loop when taking public transportation would probably be easier and quicker.



Responses From People

The video received funny criticism from users on social media, and they quickly went viral with their mockery.

Someone mocked by posting: “Look, gentlemen! I’ve developed an underground vehicle that can accommodate a large number of passengers and is powered by electricity from the city’s electrical system. The name I’ve given it is “subway,” which stands for “underground highway.”

  • A taxi can only travel to one spot and needs a concierge because of its poor design. Another person commented on the video.
  • Another user makes fun of it by saying that you think your product is futuristic just by adding some neon lights which are referred to as gamer light strips.
  • That bit was merely another addition by the user: “So you get to wait in line to be in traffic underground instead of sitting in traffic on the street?


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