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Have you been wondering to get your favorite colored carpet online due to mobility restrictions? Fear not, OnlineCarpets have formulated dazzling and luxury carpet collections at affordable and reasonable prices.

OnlineCarpets are amazingly becoming popular in the interior industry due to their modern designs. The comfortable and stylish carpets accompanied with soft wool bring an entirely minimalist aura around the space.

The manufacturers of the carpets at OnlineCarpets have thousands of carpet collections to match every style and color of your room, hall, office, or any other space. From classic felt back twists to the piles of 100% wool loops, the carpets are perfect to have an updated environment.

If you’re not sure what color should you get, don’t worry they provide free samples to help you make your decision. Let’s review a wide variety of OnlinCarpets to make your task easier.


OnlineCarpets Product Reviews


Noble Saxony Collection Carpet

Price: £11.49 per M2

Customer Reviews (231)


The rich carpets are available in 14 colors and with 2play fibers. These premium quality carpets are impossible to find at these cheaper rates. With so many positive reviews, these carpets stand apart from any other quality available in the market. Stain-resistant carpets are capable to withstand the busiest areas of the house.


Feel the difference with your first touch


Presto Pattern Vinyl Flooring

Price: £9.99 M2

Customer Reviews: (164)


OnlineCarpets delivers the most mesmerizing vinyl flooring as well. The perfect flooring ideas have been brought for any room, kitchen, hall, or bedroom of your house. The different textured flooring has 2.8mm thickness and 0.2mm wear layer with 3D printed design.


Easy to fit and affordable to maintain, vinyl flooring is all you need


Grasshopper 19mm Artificial Grass

Price: £7.49

Customer Reviews: C:\Users\Asra\OneDrive\Desktop\reviews stars.png (14)


You can even cover your outer space with this artificial grass with 2m realistic grass made with plastic. With a perfect amalgamation of three colors, the grass looks just like a real thing. The fibers are UV protected so they cannot easily fade away from the sunlight. Moreover, it’s a versatile design that doesn’t need very much care and maintenance.


Get your pet-friendly artificial grass with a strong base now


Glitter Twist Carpet

Price: £7.99 per M2

Customer Reviews: C:\Users\Asra\OneDrive\Desktop\reviews stars.png (12)


The glitter twisted carpet is all set to bring shine to your room. With the sparkling texture and dense felt back base, the carpet offers an amazing minimalist look. You can get it within 6 different sparkling colors with 100% Polypropylene with stain-resistant. Plus, it can be easily cleaned through a bleach solution.


Begin your search with a sparkle today


Sirius 70oz Invictus Carpet

Price: £21.99 per M2

Customer Reviews: C:\Users\Asra\OneDrive\Desktop\reviews stars.png (177)

The Sirius 70oz carpet range has a 15 wide range of colors that suits almost every room needs. With its brilliant dense piles, the luxury and elegance are evident that nothing can beat the quality of the carpet. Can be cleaned with a diluted bleach solution easily. The most comfortable solution for your home.


Get it online by just adding measurements of your space, and you are all set to order.

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