Every Upcoming Keanu Reeves Movies and TV Shows

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Keanu Reeves has been a fan favorite ever since he stormed onto the action scene in Speed and The Matrix. His career flourished throughout the 2000s, but over the past few years, Reeves has had a renaissance, with John Wick: Chapter 4 being one of his latest releases.

Fans everywhere have been excited to see what other projects he might be attached to and now we know – there are several upcoming Keanu Reeves movies and TV shows attached to them!



Upcoming Keanu Reeves Movies and TV Shows


The world of cinema loves to have the unshakable magnetism that Keanu Reeves provides and thus, all his upcoming movies and TV shows are highly anticipated by the audience. Here’s a look at some of the upcoming Keanu Reeves movies and TV shows on the silver screen.



Little is known about Outcome, besides the fact that Keanu Reeves will be starring in it and Jonah Hill directing it. That’s enough for us to be excited about this upcoming project!



John Wick Chapter 5

The fifth installment of the John Wick series is underway, though we don’t know when it’ll release yet. It all depends on how audiences respond to the current entries in the franchise. As usual, Keanu Reeves will star as John Wick himself, but no other cast members have been confirmed as of yet.



Rally Car

Rally Car has been stuck in production limbo for a few years now but we can still look forward to seeing Keanu Reeves play a former NASCAR driver in this movie. Unfortunately, no updates have surfaced just yet, so we’re not sure when or if production will ever start up again.




This spinoff of the John Wick universe stars Ana de Armas as a trained assassin while Keanu appears briefly to connect them both together within their cinematic world. We can expect some thrilling action scenes with plenty of exciting stunts by de Armas!




Netflix has recently picked up BRZRKR for a live-action adaptation of its comic book origins, with Keanu voicing one of its main characters ‘B’ too! No premiere date has been announced yet so stay tuned for more details soon!




Keanu will take on the role of John Rain once again in this mini-series based on Barry Eisler’s books – though unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like filming has begun just yet and there’s currently no news regarding an official release date either.



Past Midnight

This upcoming Netflix movie is directed by Dope director Rick Famuyiwa and produced by Joe and Anthony Russo. The movie has Keanu playing a vigilante superhero with no other details about it being released as yet. His entrance into this new genre will be something that viewers must watch out for!



Upcoming Keanu Reeves Movies and TV Shows: The Ultimate Action Hero Returns

The beloved actor has an exciting lineup of projects like John Wick’s Chapter 5, BRZRKR, and maybe even a sequel to Constantine – something for all his legions of fans to get stoked about. His star power continues full-throttle and we can’t wait to see what other surprises he has in store – I’m thinking action-packed adventures are pretty much guaranteed!


So get ready ’cause here comes upcoming Keanu Reeves movies and TV shows – round two coming right up!


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