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The Hollywood Walk of Fame, with its 2,700 glittering stars, stands as one of California’s top tourist attractions. But have you ever wondered how much it costs to install one of those iconic stars? In this blog, we’ll delve into the dollars and cents behind this famed landmark and explore who foots the bill.

Each star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame is crafted from terrazzo and the total cost of installation rings in at a substantial $55,000. This substantial sum covers not only the making and installation of the star but also various other expenses.



Where Does the Money Go?

Ana Martinez, the longtime producer of the Walk of Fame, breaks down the allocation of these funds. The majority of this sizable amount goes to an organization known as the Hollywood Historic Trust. This trust is tasked with the critical job of repairing and maintaining the stars, ensuring they continue to shine brilliantly.

However, the expenses don’t stop there. A portion of the money is also allocated for the actual creation of the star, the process of breaking up the square to embed it, ensuring security for this iconic attraction, and even crafting the accompanying plaque. It’s a comprehensive financial endeavor that ensures the stars remain in pristine condition for years to come.




The Costly Road to Stardom

Nominating a celebrity to receive a star is open to anyone, but there’s a catch – you need the nominee’s written permission. Given the steep price tag, it’s usually record labels, television networks, and enthusiastic fan clubs that take on the responsibility of nominating their favorite individuals and paying for the star installations.



A Star-Studded Affair

Before the pandemic, the Hollywood Walk of Fame welcomed a staggering 10 million visitors each year. Many flocked to witness the induction ceremonies, often featuring beloved celebrities. For instance, the induction of legendary Mexican singer Vicente Fernández in 1998 drew a massive crowd of 4,000 people, setting a record for attendance.

However, this record was shattered in 2017 during the posthumous star unveiling ceremony for Selena Quintanilla-Pérez, fondly known as “The Queen of Tejano Music.” The event saw a staggering 4,500 fans gather to pay tribute to the beloved singer.




The Stars That Steal the Show

As for which stars captivate visitors the most, there’s no shortage of contenders. Classics like Marilyn Monroe, James Dean, and Johnny Depp often find themselves swarmed by tourists eager for a photograph. Johnny Depp, in particular, has been known to draw in countless admirers.



A Never-Ending Legacy

The Walk of Fame is an ever-expanding tribute to the world of entertainment. Even with over 2,700 stars already in place, there’s ample space for more. A second row of stars was added to ensure that this legendary sidewalk will never run out of space.

Once a star graces the Walk of Fame, it remains there forever. This policy includes stars like Bill Cosby and former Apprentice host-turned-President Donald Trump, whose stars have faced vandalism multiple times. The Walk of Fame doesn’t remove stars, considering them a part of its historical fabric. Instead, they commit to repairing them when they’re damaged.





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