Does Vicente Fernandez Have A Star In Hollywood

Vicente Fernández Gómez, famously known as “Chente” or “El rey de la canción ranchera,” stands as a Mexican legend in the world of music. Born on February 17, 1940, this prolific singer, producer, and actor has left an indelible mark on Mexican culture and beyond. While his fame may not have reached the English-speaking world to the same extent, his impact cannot be underestimated.




From Ranch Life to Stardom

Vicente Fernández’s journey began in Huentitan el Alto, Jalisco, Mexico, where he spent his early years on his father Ramon’s ranch. It was here that the idyllic ranchera lifestyle, romanticized by rural ranches and Caballeros, left an indelible mark on young Vicente.

He drew inspiration from the films of Pedro Infante, often accompanying his mother to watch them. These early cinematic experiences ignited a dream in Vicente – a dream to become like the legendary Pedro Infante.



From Dishwasher to Singing Sensation

Vicente’s journey to stardom wasn’t a walk in the park. In 1954, after winning an amateur contest on a TV station in Guadalajara, he started gigging around town. But when his family lost their ranch, he had to move with them to Tijuana. To make ends meet he took up odd jobs like janitor, dishwasher, and waiter – but no matter what sort of job it was, Vicente kept singing away and never wanted to give up. His dedication finally paid off!



The Rise to Stardom

In 1960, Vicente Fernández was after the bright lights of Mexico City’s entertainment industry. After countless auditions and rejections, he found an ally in a local restaurant: El Amanecer Tapatio. There, he’d sing away – until finally achieving stardom!



A Legend in the Making

Vicente Fernández’s journey wasn’t easy, but his persistent hard work eventually paid off. In 1966, he landed a recording deal – the start of his meteoric rise to fame! He delivered award-winning tunes like “Perdóname” and the classic “Volver, Volver,” proving himself as Mexico’s preeminent rancher music interpreter. His imperious and moving performances touched souls everywhere – from Mexican to international patrons. A legend was born!



Vicente Fernández: The Cultural Ambassador

Vicente Fernández was a real jack-of-all-trades, using his formidable talent and charm to turn Mexican ranchera music into a global phenomenon. He released more than 80 albums during an illustrious career spanning over four decades with Maria “Cuquita” Fernández – staying faithful to one record label throughout. This tenacity resulted in the sale of over 50 million records – what an icon!



Vicente Fernández: The Brightest Star in Hollywood

As an exceptional musician, Vicente Fernández lit up the hearts and lives of many across the globe. He had achieved something remarkable; he had broken records for attendance at a star ceremony on the iconic Hollywood Walk of Fame – drawing in a massive 4,000 people to celebrate his career!



A Legacy That Lives On

Though sadly Vicente Fernández passed away at the age of 81, his legacy remains full of life and passion. Fortunately, his loving family still resides with us, including his son Alejandro Fernández whose own star is situated right next to his father’s honourable spot.


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