Bestselling Books Reviews For 2022 bestselling books
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Having a best friend by your side can be one of the most comforting feelings one can ever have. And when this friend is a loving book by a favorite author, then it would be a cherry on the top. Hive Books online store gives you the opportunity to explore hundreds and thousands of books from all across the UK and get them ordered to have in your hands within two days. Here’s a list of bestselling books that you should have this time.

With incredibly discounted price tags, Hive Books offer a number of bestselling books, CDs, DVDs, eBooks, Vinyl, and gifts to look for at the store. If you are seeking some of the best book recommendations, then keep reading to have bestselling books reviews. Bestselling Book Reviews

The Locked Room: Thrilling mystery to rival Agatha Christie

Price: Now £14.19 was £20.00 (save 29%)


The locked room was named when the main characters of the story got stuck in Covid lockdown and found there was much to look around. A surprise discovery of a photograph was the main idea behind everything revolved to resolve the mystery behind the unclear clue at the back of it.

Read and reinstate your spy antennas and predict what could happen when the truth began to peek behind the curtains.


All About Love: New Visions

Price: Now £8.75 was £10.99


Another bestselling write-up from the renowned scholar Bell Hooks. Here she asks everything about love which can be someone’s personal feeling, the reason for love, the true meaning of life, and could be the whole life. Her answers are loved by both like-minded people and the ones who only think from the heart. Based on the thirteen concise chapters, Bell researched the emotional connection and a failure of society in providing and accepting models to learn love.

Infused with desires of being loved and do love – get your copy of all about love.


How to be Perfect: The Correct Answer to Every Moral Question

Price: Now £16.15 was £20.00


A must-known question that everyone asks themselves – How to be perfect? From the executive producer of the Netflix award-winning series and the writer that depicts the correct answers to the ethical-moral question.

Curious to know how being imperfect can still bring to your life? Place your order today and find out.


Black Widow

Price: £13.29


Directed by Cate Shortland, Black Widow staring Scarlet Johansson a continuation of the Marvel comic series is added to the bestselling collection. The movie revolves around an upbringing secret that Natasha (Scarlet) finds when she meets her sister Yelena (Florence Pugh). They pair up to defeat the mastermind behind the secret and reunite with their parents.

A DVD in a Hive Books bestselling products for you to enjoy your weekend


Free eBook: Coming of Age at the End of History

Price: £9.99


An eBook for this time is a must-have. Plug your earphones and listen to it while you jog, rest, or just lay down while giving yourself a treat. There’s a complete variety of eBooks at the online book store. So select the one you like and have all the access.

Hive Books bestselling books and products for you so you can buy, read, relax, and repeat.

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