Educate, Illuminate, and Fascinate with Expondo PT Anatomical Models

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Educate, Illuminate, and Fascinate with Expondo PT Anatomical Models. Their lifelike, detailed models empower educators, students, and medical professionals to explore the intricate world of human anatomy. Crafted with precision, their models provide a hands-on, visually captivating learning experience. From the brain to the pelvis, Expondo PT’s anatomical models are essential tools for enhancing knowledge and sparking curiosity in the field of anatomy and medicine.


Unlock the Secrets with Expondo PT’s Models Expondo PT

Brain Model – 9 Segments – Life Size

Price: now €59.00 was €65.00


PHY-BM-1 brain model is a life-size, three-dimensional model of the human brain. The model represents the outer features of the brain stem, the cerebellum, the cerebral hemispheres, and the arterial system in nine individual segments. The synthetic model can be used for visualization or teaching purposes, making it the perfect tool for hospitals, doctor’s offices, schools, or universities.

Grab this opportunity to enhance your understanding.


Human torso – anatomical model

Price: €79.00


The detailed three-dimensional model of the trunk, measuring 26 cm high, is an excellent alternative to learning from books. Each part was made with high precision to better reflect the actual structure of the organs. The PHY-HT-1 model can be placed on a stable base to facilitate presentation.

Experience anatomy like never before.


Head and neck – anatomical model

Price: €129.00


The two-sided construction of the replica allows for a very detailed analysis of individual elements. On the one hand, the interior of the head is presented, and on the other, the muscles and blood vessels. Everything is described on the included poster. The detailed 3D model on a 1:1 scale is characterized by high realism. Choose the high-quality anatomical head and neck model from the Physa brand. It will prove to be a scientific aid as well as a themed decoration of the doctor’s office.

Elevate your knowledge of human anatomy.


Anatomical model – male pelvis

Price: €129.00


Precise reproduction of the male pelvis with the cross-section of the reproductive system contains removable parts. They cover half of the penis divided into a middle part and a transverse part. The open cross-section of the core shows the details of the internal structure. The Physa brand anatomical model is the best way to understand the anatomy of the male pelvis. The equipment facilitates the acquisition of knowledge, the analysis of the body’s structure, and the indication of areas affected by a disease or dysfunction.

Unlock the secrets of the male pelvis.

Ear – anatomical model

Price: now €55.00 was €65.00


The realistic ear model has a three-dimensional design. The individual structures are perfectly visible thanks to the 3x magnification and the faithful color scheme. The advantage is the possibility of removing individual elements of the middle and inner ear – the eardrum, malleus, anvil with stirrup, and labyrinth with the cochlea. The nerves are also well-specified.

Discover the wonders of the human ear.


Unveil the wonders of human anatomy with Expondo PT Anatomical Models, where precision meets education for an extraordinary learning experience.


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