Check out This Amazing Samsung Deal on Affordable Mobiles UK

Affordable Mobiles UK always has something amazing to offer its users. The company is known for its great discounts. However, this latest Samsung deal by the company is incredible, to say the least. Samsung’s latest flagship smartphone S22 has 100GB of 5G data at an amazingly low cost of £39/per month. There is no upfront cost involved either, even though it has only been a few weeks since its release.

As Affordable Mobiles UK offers next-day delivery. You would have the latest Samsung phone the very next day of placing your order. This deal is part of a two-year contract between Affordable Mobiles and the phone manufacturing company. The company has some great deals for users from other phone manufacturing companies which you can check out at their site.

About the Samsung S22 Deal

New Samsung Galaxy S22 and S22+ Deliver Revolutionary Camera Experiences,  Day and Night – Samsung Global Newsroom

Samsung’s S22 is one of the top-ranking devices that comes with 5G, so the users can keep themselves occupied for hours at a time. Furthermore, all the online browsing and streaming that you do on your S22 will be via the Three Mobile network, which is among the top 4 mobile networks in the UK in terms of speed and coverage in the UK.

Pretty cool, right? This is such a great overall. What’s more? Affordable Mobiles has also put an upper limit on how many people can benefit from it. Affordable Mobiles UK is always coming up with interesting deals and offers for customers.

If you are a Samsung fan, and want to have the new SS22 at a great price, you ought to avail this offer today!

Is Samsung Galaxy S22 is Worth the Price?

Best Mobile Phone Deals - Cheap Phones | Affordable Mobiles

After going through the specs and features of this flagship phone, we are impressed with its offering. If you invest your money into this phone, you should rest assured that you are getting a top-notch handset. The phone comes with four cameras that include a 50MP lens, it can effectively capture pictures in low light. The gorgeous colorful display is stunning to the eyes. The speedy octa-core CPU performance is incredible.

The S22 Ultra is another top smartphone by the Korean manufacturer. However, a similar deal would set you back an extra £18/month, which adds up to a total of £1,368 spread across a 24-month contract.

When it comes to Three UK, the company has developed a repute for coming up with great deals and plans. It is one of the best networks for 5G. Moreover, Three is ranked among the top that offers an incredible 5G download speed with an average of 204.3Mbits/sec, which is about 58% higher than EE.

Affordable Mobiles UK is known for offering low prices and amazing discounts. There are a lot of data deals. The company works with the best networks and phone manufacturers and covers the first month of insurance. You can find all the latest flagship phones as well as mid-range handsets. Having said that, this S22 deal won’t be around for long.

Grab it as soon as you can by checking out Affordable Mobiles UK.

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