ChatGPT Professional: A Premium Version of the OpenAI May Be On Its Way

The creators of ChatGPT, OpenAI hinted soon, they will start charging for their chatbo. The AI-powered chatbot lets users write emails, essays, and computer code, and carry on human-like conversations.

OpenAI was founded by Elon Musk. The company has indicated making ChatGPT, the viral chatbot, a paid service. The company made an announcement on the official OpenAI Discord server suggesting that it has begun to think of how this OpenAI can be monetized to ensure long-term viability.

Why is ChatGPT Going Premium?

Since its arrival, ChatGPT has taken everyone by storm. It is being called an alternative to Google. The chatbot gained substantial attention and appreciation for its ability to carry on human-like conversations revolutionizing the world of bots. Its ability to converse and answer accurately often makes it rather realistic.

OpenAI wants to generate more revenue to support the chatbot’s ongoing development and making ChatGPT’s paid version is OpenAI’s way to achieve that goal.

About ChatGPT Professional

ChatGPT’s paid version will be called ChatGPT Professional. As per the announcement, the ChatGPT paid version is going to be faster and more reliable. ChatGPT Pro will include:

  • Quicker responses
  • 2X the regular daily message limit
  • No blackout periods

Moreover, the company has also made a waitlist using Google Forms. One can sign up for a pilot version of ChatGPT Professional. President and Co-Founder Greg Brockman shared the link to the waitlist on Twitter announcing working on a professional ChatGPT version that promises higher limits and faster performance.

The waitlist asks the interested users regarding the range of prices they are willing to pay for using ChatGPT and how they use it. According to ChatGPT, those who have filled out the waitlist form will be chosen to pilot ChatGPT Pro. Also, those selected for it are going to receive an individual notification.

The program, at the moment, is in the experimental stages and is not going to be made widely available presently.

Can Users Expect Regular ChatGPT to Remain Free?

Regardless of whether ChatGPT Professional surfaces or not, nothing can be said for sure about the ChatGPT remaining free forever. The company has not made any statements about the viral chatbot remaining free forever. The ChatGPT version you find today is a free research preview.

All those using ChatGPT are beta testers of a product that shall convert into a paid version in the future. Founder of OpenAI, Sam Altman reported that ChatGPT has to be monetized because of computing costs. The company is under pressure to make profits from products such as ChatGPT due to Microsoft investing $10 billion in the company. As the tech giant is rumored to invest an additional $10 billion, the pressure for making money off of ChatGPT is expected to increase.

OpenAI aims to make $200 million in 2023 which is a small amount considering over $1 billion has already been invested in the startup.

No official confirmation regarding ChatGPT Professional has been made as yet. People are still waiting for further details such as price and plans, etc.


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