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With Carly, you can easily run diagnostics, detect odometer fraud and program your car. Easy and at the push of a button on your mobile phone. One adapter for all car brands. Live Parameters. Coding. Works with IOS & Android. Check this Carly UK blog to learn about their features.


Carly UK – Your Car’s Dream Stop


The easiest way to check your battery



You may quickly register a new beginning battery with your battery management system using the Carly Battery Registration function (BMS). Check the status of your starting battery now and set a new type or capacity for your battery sensor. Use Carly to change the batteries yourself and save money and time.

Take charge of changing your battery yourself now!


The quickest way to get real-time data from your car



Carly Engine Live Data is the quickest way to obtain your engine’s data in real time since you can capture and export data while driving. They provide a comprehensive overview of hundreds of manufacturer-specific live engine characteristics. Their recommended parameter selection gives you reference values to limit sources of problems, reducing future harm and saving you time and money.

Always be up to date with Carly UK.


The easiest solution to reset your car’s learning values



Your engine’s learning values are reset by Carly Engine Adaptations when it has been fixed in order to preserve clean and effective combustion. With the use of your smartphone, you will be able to reset the engine’s learning parameters manually. Your car’s learning values can be reset to maintain a clean, efficient combustion process and the ideal relationship between fuel and air for optimum performance.

Run your engine efficiently with Carly UK.


Don’t get tricked when buying a used car


The Carly Used Car Check provides all the details you want when purchasing a used automobile. We can find any problems with the automobile by reading out the kilometres from various ECUs. It is possible to identify mileage fraud and mechanical issues by accessing the most recent odometer data in various ECUs and comparing them. When appraising a secondhand automobile, exercise greater independence and clarity while determining the vehicle’s condition.

Be independent when evaluating a used car; perform a quick used-car check yourself.


The best way to reset your automatic transmission


The Carly Transmission function scans your automatic transmission’s historical data and resets its learning parameters. You may tailor your automatic gearbox to your driving style by resetting adaption values. Read the driving profiles of prior drivers to get useful information. Obtaining data about automatic transmission will provide you with a thorough idea of its present state. You pick whether or not to reset learning values to adjust your car’s gearbox to your own driving style.

Your driving style is the only relevant one.


So, without taking any longer, take advantage of Carly UK  diagnostic tools and eliminate all your purchasing vehicle worries.

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