Beef Reviews – Is it the Best Netflix Show After Squid Games?

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Beef is a highly acclaimed and captivating show that follows the ongoing feud between Danny Cho and Amy Lau after a road-rage incident. With brilliant writing from South Korea’s Lee Sung Jin, this darkly comedic yet deeply moving series has quickly earned praise for its high quality, being called “the best Netflix show after Squid Games”.



BEEF: The New King of Netflix?


Netflix’s newest show, BEEF is making waves around the world, with people wondering if it has taken over the crown of best Netflix show after Squid Games. Let’s take a look at what people are saying about this amazing series and why they believe it deserves such recognition.



Critics Rave About BEEF

The popular online magazine Esquire said that “BEEF is by far the best thing on Netflix right now,” while The Telegraph called it “the best new series of the year.” British GQ writer Jack King made an even bolder statement in his review, labeling BEEF as the “Best Netflix show after Squid Games.” Critics have already done their research and come to a firm conclusion – BEEF is a hit!


Viewers Applaud The Show

Fans of the show have also come forward to defend its awesomeness and claim their glorious title as first-time viewers. They are impressed with Key characters Steven Yeun and Ali Wong’s performances who deliver emotional honesty from beginning to end.

One fan exclaimed, “It was incredible! Generational trauma, expectations, and repressed anger – we felt it all!”

Definitely will sit with me for a long time.” Another wrote: “Just watched #BEEFNetflixand I’m blown away… Yeun and Wong are outstanding. The show is the ultimate mix of fun, thrills, and suspense – confirming everyone’s suspicions that this show is a surefire hit!



Meet The Characters

At the helm of Beef are two powder kegs primed to blow – Danny Cho (Steven Yeun) and Amy Lau (Ali Wong). Cho is your typical blue-collar Korean-American guy with a short fuse who feels burdened with his parents’ expectations. In contrast, Lau is part of the rich socialite elite yet still deeply unsatisfied with her life’s condition despite having access to all forms of luxury living due to her marital status.


The Plot Summary

When Danny and Amy slammed heads in a full-on road rage face-off, it seemed like an ordinary altercation – at least until they started to banter! What starts as hilarious jabbing turns into a full dramatic war of wits; this roller coaster ride of bickering shows that you can always find something in common no matter the differences in your backgrounds.

Will they ever stop one buzzing? Or will their furious feud reach the point of no return? Can Danny & Amy finally make peace before things take a turn for the disastrous?



Beef – Praised as ‘The Best Netflix Show After Squid Games

Beef has earned much praise and adoration, gaining the esteemed title of “best Netflix show after Squid Games” from critics and viewers alike. Steven Yeun and Ali Wong both deliver tremendous performances in this bittersweet dark comedy that exposes generational trauma, muted rage, and unrealized expectations.


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