5 Reasons Why Every iPhone User Should Buy an Apple Watch

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Apple is hands down one of the best smartwatches on the market today. If you are an iPhone user, here is why you should get an Apple smartwatch.

Although a lot can be said about the specs and features of an Apple watch, here are 5 compelling reasons why every iPhone user should buy an Apple Watch.

1.   Quick Notification

With an Apple watch, you can see all your notifications without using your iPhone. You will get a slight notification and vibration when there is a new notification. If you don’t want to get distracted, you can mute the alarms. Apple smartwatch lets you respond quickly without unlocking or picking up your phone.

2.   Life-Saving Features

Apple Watch provides a wide range of life-saving features to the user as well that can be beneficial in case of emergencies. Apple introduced Crash Detection in 2022 which means that the Apple Smartwatch can inform if the user has been in a car crash. If you fail to respond to the on-screen prompt in a particular time frame, it will automatically call emergency services. Apple Watch can also tell you if you have been in a car crash due to its new gyroscope and high-g-force in the Ultra, SE, and Series 8 models.

Apple Watch offers fall detection, similar to crash detection. The watch can detect if you had a bad fall and asks if you are okay. It will automatically contact emergency services for help if you fail to respond after a minute.

3.   Music

There is a special music app on Apple Watch. It serves as a controller when it connects to your iPhone. Also, you can transfer music to watch for playing songs independently. You can wirelessly listen to music by connecting AirPods using Bluetooth.

4.   Health Functions

There have been numerous cases where Apple Watch saved a life. Apple Watch can detect an abnormally high rate in sleep mode and urge the user to see a doctor. Apart from monitoring heart rate, there is a built-in ECG feature that helps in checking the heart’s rhythm for atrial fibrillation in the Apple Watch Series 4 and newer models, and the new Apple Watch Ultra.

You can measure your blood oxygen, and temperature, and track sleep with newer Apple Watch models.

5.   Exercise & Fitness

Apple Watch has always focused on health and fitness since its emergence. You can take your pick from different workouts to track heart rate, time, the total number of burned calories, and a lot more based on the workout you choose. Custom workouts can be set in watchOS 9. Activity rings are also famous among Apple Watch users. Activity rings are daily goals, so you can stay energized and active all day. It acts as an effective reminder to get up and exercise.

iPhone users can greatly benefit from owning an Apple smartwatch with its wide range of life-saving and other excellent features. You cannot go wrong with an Apple watch.


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