AnkerMake Printers For Life – Use AnkerMakeAFF15 Before March 26

Ankermake printers
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AnkerMake focus from the beginning has been simple: To provide consumers with a better selection of high-quality accessories that can be used for many years. They believe they are delivering on this promise not just in product quality but also through their innovative technology across multiple categories. And it’s working. Check out these new models in this AnkerMake blog, like the AnkerMake Gardening Tool Kit. No more searching for the right shovel—now you can print it.



Make It Real With AnkerMake – So Fast, So Good


Offer: £/€ 120 off AnkerMake M5 3D printer (UK/DE/EU only)

“Code: AnkerMakeAFF15

Period: Valid until EOP 26th of March



With PowerBoost, you can print quickly. A powerful stepper motor, double-belt driveshaft, and stabilized motion algorithm work together to deliver loads of extra power at 5X speed. Precision is possible even at 5X speed because of the innovative ultra-direct extruder and integrated die-cast aluminum alloy frame. Even when printing at 5X speed, never sacrifice consistent quality. Anker Make M5 frees you from sanding with smoothness in every 0.1 mm thick layer.

Get this now at an incredible offer and expand creativity with color.


Offer: Buy AnkerMake M5, Get a 2-Pack of Filament for Free (US only)

Price: $799.00

Period: Valid until EOP 26th of March



Printing time is reduced by 70%. PowerBoost allows you to print quickly. A strong stepper motor, double-belt driveshaft, and stabilized motion algorithm collaborate to deliver tonnes of extra power at 5X speed. With the revolutionary ultra-direct extruder and integrated die-cast aluminum alloy construction, you can achieve accuracy even at 5X speed. M5 creates a printing plan and adheres to it with more processing power and an integrated intelligent camera, ensuring that your model matches your design.

Have this now and make quality prints, 5X faster.


AnkerMake V6 Color Engine



See out what you can do with six distinct colors in a single print. When combined with M5, water-soluble compounds such as PVA can be used. V6 is intended to be the ideal companion for M5 and future AnkerMake high-speed FDM printers. The V6 Color Engine is as intelligent as the M5 and manages its own slicing and printing. Using AnkerMake Slicer, add up to 6 colors to your model before clicking Print to begin. Print remotely using the AnkerMake app for greater flexibility.

Get it now and make your 3D printing as smart and easy as ever before.


AnkerMake PLA+ Filament (2-Pack)

Price: $58.00


AnkerMake Speed Lab accreditation confirms that this filament passes the AnkerMake Lab’s high-demand printing testing. Designed for fast printing. Provide solidity to your prints even when travelling at 5X speed. Your models will be immaculate in every way. Precision is achieved with prints that adhere to the plate and have a 30% reduced shrinking rate. AnkerMake Filament is made from non-toxic biomaterials derived from corn.

Imagine it, print it with PLA+.

Get the latest information about AnkerMake products, free trials, and more. Join up today to save $20 on your first AnkerMake 3D printer.

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