What Is Chat GPT? The Viral AI Making Waves on Social Media

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ChatGPT is an AI chatbot that boasts incredible capabilities. It is an AI system that is automated to continue human-like conversations. It works on the GP-3 language model. ChatGPT was developed by OpenAI, a research company in San Francisco. It is backed by LinkedIn, Microsoft, and Khosla Ventures. ChatGPT is fashioned to generate texts automatically. It surpasses the earlier chatbots in terms of advancement and creativity. ChatGPT has already gained a million users since its release in late November 2022 as per the company.

ChatGPT took everyone by storm when it debuted. However, it has been praised and criticized alike. Let’s delve a bit deeper and learn more about the viral ChatGPT.

What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is based on a language model called GPT – 3.5. It is a large language model that utilizes deep learning to create human-like text. The AI system is powered to predict the next word in a sentence by taking in huge amounts of text from the internet and then discovering patterns via trial and error. It was further polished by using feedback from humans to continue a conversation.

The older versions took text prompts only and then carried on with their own generated text. Their functionality was rather limited. They had trouble carrying on conversations like humans.

However, it is different from ChatGPT. Customers can discuss and converse with the chatbot naturally. It is interesting and much improved at producing detailed text. What’s more? It can come with poems as well.

Another feature worth mentioning is its memory. The bot is designed to remember earlier comments in the conversation and then recount them later as well. OpenAI said that it has trained the ChatGPT to interact with people in a human-like manner. The chatbot can easily answer follow-up queries, challenge incorrect facts, reject inappropriate requests, and even admit its mistakes.

OpenAI is great but not perfect

With the funding of Elon Musk and others, OpenAI was launched many years ago. The creators have warned that the chatbot is not perfect and would give incorrect answers that can be misleading. Since they are so detailed, users might take it as the right answer. Even then, social media users are rampant with their questions and are posting the results online.

Even though the chatbot has gained a lot of praise and how easy it has made things for people, university lecturers and headteachers have exhibited concerns that ChatGPT could lead to cheating in homework and exams as the chatbot gives human-sounding answers to exam questions.

The creators, OpenAI, are trying to deal with the risk by watermarking the output so one can easily spot plagiarism. Most of the chatbots people normally deal with are rather basic and can answer only a handful of basic questions to help frustrated customers or answer queries on help pages. But the emergence of ChatGPT has revolutionized how chatbots work.

ChatGPT can carry a conversation via different queries and also generate software code. Chatbots have entered into a new advanced realm with the emergence of ChatGPT.


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