Netflix Confirmed Wednesday Season 2 – Here is all we know

Netflix’s Wednesday has officially confirmed its return for season 2. After becoming one of the most successful shows on the giant-streaming site, Wednesday is all set for a Season 2. The news of renewal was announced along with a video on Twitter.

Wednesday has broken all Netflix records, twice, for having the most hours viewed in a single week. The show got 341.23 million hours in the first week and 411.29 in the second.

Netflix confirmed season 2 of the show on its official Twitter handle via a puzzling tweet and a video of Wednesday typing something. The confirmation of the renewal has come about two months after the show’s launch in mid-November.

In the first season of Wednesday, we saw Gomez and Morticia Addams’ daughter entering Nevermore Academy boarding school and taking up the role of a detective. She was able to solve the mystery of whoever or whatever was murdering the local townspeople. The co-creator of the TV show has revealed that even though the primary focus will be on Wednesday, season 2 would include her extended family and her parents.

Wednesday Season 2 – What will happen?

Wednesday’s Stalker

The ending of Season 1 was a cliffhanger as viewers were left wondering about Wednesday’s first stalker. She got the phone as a gift from Xavier and it is odd how the stalker managed to send her a cryptic text message the moment she turned it on.

Tyler’s Next Step

We remember seeing Tyler tied up in chains and getting sent off to some security prison. But he transformed into his hyde form and escaped while killing the armed guards. So, it is possible that we will see him return in season 2 and more dangerous than before because he is now without the master.

Nevermore’s Next Principal

After Larissa Weem’s death, it is plausible that Morticia Addams will take her place since she is a member of the Nightshades and a former Nevermore student. Viewers are excited to see Wednesday’s hilarious reaction and her disastrous attempts to remove her mother from the seat.

Laurel’s Fate

Played by Christina Ricci, who played the role of Wednesday in an earlier Addam movie, Laurel was defeated by Wednesday. Also known as Marylin Thornhill, we don’t know for sure what her fate will spell out. However, chances are that she might make a comeback and resume her role.

Wednesday Season 2 Release Date

The trailer released by Netflix has left the viewers perplexed. Nothing can be said about the release of season 2. No guesses can be made at the moment as there is no news or confirmation regarding when the product is due to start.

Even though Netflix has confirmed Wednesday’s season 2, no update has been given about its production. It will take some time for the show to go into production. It is speculated that the audience can expect a second season sometime in early 2024. The audience is anticipating season 2 to be as interesting and engaging as the first one.


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