What is Amazon Prime Gaming

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Amazon Prime Gaming is an additional service that comes with every Amazon Prime membership. It helps in boosting your gaming experience. Similar to Xbox Live Gold or PlayStation Plus, Prime Gaming allows users to have access to free games for downloads and keep each month, exclusive in-game loot, and a bonus of free Twitch subscription you could use to support your favorite creators, numerous functions as an add-on to other Prime services.

How to Access Amazon Prime Gaming

To access Prime Gaming, you will have to go to Twitch first. Or you need to be directed from an Amazon Prime account. From there, you have to activate Prime Gaming for connecting it to your Amazon Prime account. Already own a Prime membership? In that case, you will be directed back to Prime Gaming after signing in.

Another option you can use is to link your account on Twitch. tv to Prime Gaming. This is highly recommended because one can benefit from a plethora of perks of Prime Gaming linked with Twitch. Users can access the different perks from the site directly as Twitch offers a Prime icon in their menu bar.

For $12.99/month or $119/year, you can get an Amazon Prime subscription. If you have a Prime Video Membership only, you can get Prime Gaming for $8.99/month. Either way, you can access Prime Gaming at no extra fee cost.

What Does Prime Gaming Offer?

As mentioned above Prime Gaming gets you a free Twitch subscription. It is the most well-known benefit and lets users subscribe to one Twitch channel for free as long as they maintain their Prime Gaming subscription. Regular subscriptions to a channel cost $4.99. Along with Twitch subscriptions, users can benefit from:

  • Exclusive Twitch emotes
  • Extended broadcast storage and Twitch VOD
  • Chat Badge of Twitch crown
  • Game loot updates itself every month. It includes Apex Legends skins, Fall Guys costumes, FIFA 21 content, League of Legends skins, and a lot more for Playstation, PC, and Xbox.
  • Free PC games every month such as Ironclad ,King of the Monsters, Monster Prom: Hotseat Edition, Metal Slug 3, Samurai Showdown V Special, Shock Troopers, Table Manners, The Last Blade 2, The King of Fighters 2002 Unlimited Match, and more.

Games You Can Get With Prime Gaming

Users can enjoy a wide range of games with Prime Gaming, such as triple-A titles and some indie games as well. The users can play these games via different means. Some games are available to be downloaded directly after users claim them via the Prime Gaming site. On the other hand, others will give a key to redeem on other gaming platforms. For example, you could connect your EA or Ubisoft accounts and then link the in-game items or claimed games to your account.

The game range is impressive, to say the least, which includes Far Cry 4, Football Manager 2021, Journey to Savage Planet, and Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit Remastered. Apart from free games, Prime subscribers can win access to free in-game items too. Some content is available, while more are expected to come soon.

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