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esr gear review
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Good and affordable device protectors and cases are hard to find these days. But fortunately, you can easily find some affordable trendy, functional, and latest technology protectors and accessories from the renowned brand ESR Gear. Keep reading to get the latest news about ESR Gear discounts in today’s review blog.

ESR Gear delivers numerous quality products. The soft-touch and amazing finished look make you feel great when in hands. ESR Gear always strives to bring innovations in accessories used for devices. They aim to provide products that would help make life easier.

Additionally, the brand has been well-performed and is loved by customers of all ages. This is why the popular names in the web world such as Forbes, Insider, and tom’s guide have mentioned ESR Gear for its exceptional services.


Surging Innovation From ESR

With the growing pace of patents, ESR Gear has managed to maintain the quality and innovation in the designs of its products. For this, and providing the best products, it became the Red Dot winner in 2020.


Simplicity That Caters Every Design

When you first come to know about a tech brand, thinking about the intricate design or the technology may daunt you. But that’s not the case with ESR. Look at the ESR Gear products, you would find them affordable and easy to use. Just like 1, 2, and 3.



To prove what has been said, let’s get into knowing some products to explore ESR Gear discounts.


ESR Gear Discounts and Products Reviews

20W USB-C mini PD Charger

Price: $19.99

20W mini PD Charging Set 6 20W mini PD Charging Set 5


Compatible even with 1/2/3, AirPods Pro has a 20% smaller size than the normal chargers available in the market. Additionally, it works 50% faster on any android or iOS mobile as compared to standard ones.  Moreover, its withstand option of 5000 plug-ins with the corrosion-resist feature. Adding cables with your order will bring 10% discounts.

Easy to take anywhere with you – takes less space gives amazing performance


Bounce Series AirPods Pro Silicone Case

Price: Now $9.99 was $10.99

Bounce Series AirPods Pro Silicone Case 4 Bounce AirPods 3 Carrying Case 11


Upgrade and fit your Airpods case in this premium silicone cover. The case will protect your case from drops and bumps without adding bulks. Morever, the charging cover perfectly fits with your charging case making sure that the lid securely shuts and opens without any glitch.

Protect your favourite Airpods from drops and scratches with this silicon case today.


iPhone 12 Pro Max Echo Tempered-Glass Hard Case

Price: Now$9.99 was $25.99

iPhone 12 Pro Max Echo Tempered Glass Hard Case 3 2 iPhone 12 Pro Max Echo Tempered Glass Hard Case 3 3


The Echo Tempered- Glass Hard Case is specially designed for iPhone 12 Pro Max 6.7”. As you love your iPhone, it is much essential to protect it from dings and scrapes. Plus, its cushioned corners offer Air-guards and are enough shock-absorbers that you can rely on them.

Hard to take back your iPhone from your kids? Protect it from the ultimate protector from ESR Gear discounted products


iPad 10.2 2019 Rebound Slim Smart Case

Price: Now $9.99 was $17.99

iPad 10.2 2019 Rebound Slim Smart Case 3 iPad 10.2 2019 Rebound Slim Smart Case 2 1



Compatible with iPad 9/8/7 your very own stretchable iPad cover is fully functional. Furthermore, Premium and hard polythene material provide a non-slip and ergonomic grip. The trifold Stand design is all set to steal the show with its elegant design and eye-catching colors.

Grab the most amazing discounts at ESR Gear and bring back the spark in your tech life.

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