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Tired of mowing the lawn every week? Or do you just want some greenery added to your workplace since it’s missing from our diets? Then Artificial Grass Direct UK has exactly what you need! What makes artificial grass so appealing? Everyone can benefit from some artificial grass. Whether you want an all-year-round display garden or low-maintenance greenery, the company can help. To create much more than simply an Astro house, lay artificial grass in shaded, mossy, or dry places.

What’s more? There’s a special offer ongoing right now. You can get 5% off with the Discount Code: “summer5978”, valid till 30th September 2022.

Customers have always been the top priority of Artificial Grass Ltd. The company has got over a decade of experience in sprucing up both individual and business settlements, and the great prices act as an icing on the cake. Let’s look at some of Artificial Grass Direct discounts and to know it better.


Artificial Grass Direct Discounts

Elite Grass

Price: £22.90 / m2 Save £8.10 / m2


Elite has four various hues of green, which adds to the realistic look and is perfect for garden events and a luxury setting. Elite looks beautiful after it’s been installed, and it can transform any space.

Add an elite look to your lawn today!



Price: £22.10 / m2

Save £6.85 / m2



Due to its high thatch, this 38mm pile height grass is extremely resilient. The thick thatch adds to the realism of the grass and gives it an incredible feeling.

A bit of splendor has never hurt anybody!


New Majestic

Price: £16.90 / m2

Save £4.10 / m2



New Majestic is one of Artificial Grass Ltd’s most popular fake grasses, with a 35mm pile height and affordable pricing. New Majestic is fantastic value for money, with a spongy feel and lifelike appearance that will make a big impact in a family garden.

View your garden or green space in all of its majesty!



Price: £9.24 / m2

Save £4.76 / m2



The name was inspired by the medieval vibe that the grass gives off. Artificial Grass Ltd takes pride in the fact that Monarch is a unique product, especially with a multidirectional pile and light brown thatch. With a height of 30mm, it’s a good all-rounder.

As they say “A man’s home is his castle”. You might even catch the envy of an actual monarch with this.



Price: £20.85 / m2

Save £6.7 / m2


Prestige is a high-quality 35mm artificial grass with a lifelike appearance. A 35mm pile height combined with a deep, dense, dark brown thatch results in a highly realistic appearance. This quality grass is springy and velvety, making it a great choice for any landscape.

Add some prestige to your workplace.


To end this look at Artificial Grass Direct discounts, we’d like to remind you to use the discount code “summer5978” for an additional 5% off till 30th September.

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