EasyJet UK: Travel Tips You Must Keep In Mind

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EasyJet is among the UK’s most popular and cheapest airlines, but some passengers may be surprised by hidden costs if they don’t read the fine print. As a result, we have shared a few strategies for you to circumvent some of the airline’s policies. You might be planning an autumn vacation to take advantage of more tranquil coronavirus constraints for vaccinated travelers. Whatever your trip plans may be, you cannot afford to overlook the following suggestions.

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1.    Duty-free carrier bags do not qualify as carry-on items.

EasyJet does have a strict hand luggage policy: you can only bring one item, so you must choose between a handbag, a small suitcase, or a laptop bag. Your carry-on bag can only be 45 x 36 x 20 cm in size. If you arrive at the airport with an overly large bag (for example, because you did not book a cabin bag through their website), you may be charged £24. On the other hand, EasyJet does let you bring “one standard bag of goods purchased at the airport.” So, if you don’t have room in your carry-on for a few necessities, why not get the duty-free? Some travelers have even reported successfully concealing a few items from their luggage into their duty-free carriers.

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2.    They only measure the size of your bag, not its weight.

EasyJet, unlike some other airlines, measures hand luggage by dimensions rather than weight. It must fit within their cabin bag assure guidelines (the metal structures you see as you board), but if you can load a holdall very firmly, you can bring it on. Furthermore, get a breathable fabric bag and you should be able to stuff it with everything you need for a weekend break. Just make sure the bag itself fits EasyJet’s hand luggage dimensions.

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3.    Upgrade your seat for less than a tenner to accommodate additional luggage and more legroom.

Lessons learned from 6 hours on EasyJet's longest flight

If you book an extra-legroom seat in the first row, you can bring a second bag up to 56 x 45 x 25cm. These seats can range from £7.99 to £39.99, but since the second piece of hand luggage costs between £6.99 and £35.49, why not purchase the extra legroom as well? It’ll only make the ride worth the while. However, make sure your bag isn’t huge; if you arrive at the gate with an extra-largecabin bag, you may be charged £48 to store it in the hold.

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4.    Don’t agree to add-ons like travel insurance and car rental without first comparing the prices.

EasyJet doesn’t just offer deals on flights; once you’ve booked the flight with them, they’ll offer you a slew of add-ons. Of course, it’s useful to book these alongside your flight so that everything is taken care of, but just because EasyJet calls these ‘deals,’ doesn’t mean they’re the cheapest option.

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