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Total Crunch reviews
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Total Crunch is an all-in-one exercise device that helps to maintain muscular endurance while providing the necessary cardiovascular endurance needed for overall physical fitness. It is a composite exercise machine that can provide exercise to your whole body without the need for multiple gadgets or heavy weights, or even the need to go to a gym or fitness class. This machine can help build your upper and lower body and work equally well for anyone. Check the Total Crunch review to know how it works.


Total Crunch Review – How Does It Work

  • Total Crunch uses the revolutionary “reverse symmetry” system: the arms are flexed and the legs are extended during the ascent, and vice versa during the descent. This allows obtaining two results at the same time:

– A high aerobic exercise that produces an increase in combustion and the elimination of body fat.

– The increase of cardiac and lung function, improving the general physical condition.

  • All with a minimum effort and with only a few minutes a day.
  • Use is straightforward. Sit up and hold the handlebar. Push with your legs on the pedals to create resistance and at the same time pull the handlebar towards your chest.
  • When you have reached maximum distension with your legs, return to the starting position.
  • By changing the grip of the handlebar, you will activate specific muscle groups

1) Shoulders and back.

2) Pectoral and triceps.

3) Biceps; while legs and buttocks will always be active.

Total Crunch – work on a wide range of exercises with this compact and versatile piece of home gym equipment.



With just one tool you can have tonic legs, high and firm glutes, a slim waist, a sculpted back, strong arms, better posture, and save on the gym!



With a single movement, Total Crunch trains all the muscles of the body!


You can train at home while saving the gym money!


Thanks to the intensity adjustments, you can use it according to your needs!


If you want a gym experience at home, you don’t want the equipment that goes with it taking up space. Total Crunch features an amazingly efficient design that is super easy to fold. Just raise it and fold it in the middle and suddenly Total Crunch fits into any corner or conveniently slides underneath your bed.

You place it easily where you want. Foldable, you store it in very little space.



You have 30 days to decide whether to keep it or be refunded if you are unsatisfied.



Only this is the original TOTAL CRUNCH, distributed by whoever invented it



Weight: 11kg

Dimensions when open: 119cm x 100cm x 45cm

Folded size: 160cm x 36cm x 40cm

Adjustable seat size: 29cm x 20cm

Maximum weight supported: 110kg


Order your Total Crunch now!

Get your Total Crunch now at an affordable price and build your muscle and burn calories now!

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