The Skills Easter Sale | Get Flat 35% OFF On Selected Courses

The Skills easter sale
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Every student chooses a course that they feel will help develop their professions and provide a firm foundation for their future. When a person is in high school, the selection process may begin from there. One may wish to pursue their interest when still young. The most outstanding study programs around the world ensure long-term work and a fulfilling career. This post will list the five best courses from The Skills Easter sale.



The Skills Network is an organization with a unique style. They’re an online learning and skills training company that uses industry-leading technologies. This website currently has 1114 courses accessible on its website. They also provide over 45 free courses for employees or personal development accessible around the UK, all wholly financed. At this time of the year when Easter is just around the corner, The Skills Network is adorned with a wide range of Easter sale courses with flat 35% discounts. Some of them are listed. Check ‘em out.


The Skills Easter sale courses with flat 35% discounts

Childcare and Education

Course Price

Full Cost: £249.00 and with a discount of £211.65

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The Skills Network Level 2 Certificate in Awareness of Bullying in Children and Young People Course is one of the best courses for anybody interested in learning more about bullying and how to avoid it. You will learn a strong knowledge of the bullying regulations as well as the consequences they may have on children and young people.


Food Safety Awareness

Course Price

Full Cost: £30.00 and with a discount of £25.50

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If you are seeking food safety and hygiene education to help you advance in your job, this website, The Skill Network, has you covered. The CPD certified online food safety course covers topics such as food-related health concerns, legal requirements, food poisoning, contamination, basic food hygiene, protective gear, safety management, equipment, and others.


Budgeting Essentials Course

Course Price

Full Cost: £96.00 and with a discount of £81.60

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Many top business positions in all firms today demand an awareness of costs and budgets. This AAT budgeting short course will provide you with the necessary information. Taking a budgeting essentials course would be a wise decision, as there are thousands of opportunities to apply the knowledge gained while earning money.


Internet Safety Course

Course Price

Full Cost: £30.00 and with a discount of £25.50

View Course 


Knowing how to be safe online has never been more vital than now, with over 65 million internet users in the United Kingdom alone. This course is suitable for anybody who wants to improve their knowledge for personal or professional purposes or for employers that want to provide internet safety training to their employees.


Conflict Management Course

Course Price

Full Cost: £30.00 with a discount of £25.50

View Course


This conflict management training course teaches students how to detect and manage various forms of workplace conflict. This course also discussed how to constructively encourage people in crisis situations.

The Skill Network website provides a wide choice of courses that will build skills and knowledge for everyone, whether you’re an individual trying to learn something new or a business person looking for staff training.

The Skill Network has everything


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