Is “The Glory” On Netflix Based On A True Story?

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When we were at school, we did see school violence and victims of bullying. But what if, one day, a victim could fight back? That’s exactly what the Netflix show – The Glory is. While the series captivates us with its intense narrative, a question is nowadays circulating in the media: is The Glory on Netflix based on a true story? This article will discuss things that can help you assess if The Glory’s story is true.



What Story Does “The Glory” Hold?


The Glory follows an upstart named Moon Dong-eun, who was once subjected to bullying and insult at school. After several years of storing up these painful memories inside her, she finally gets the opportunity to seek revenge on those responsible for her suffering – her former bullies. Through a series of intricate plot twists and turns involving family secrets, old friendships reignited, and new alliances formed, Moon Dong-eun’s character grows as she works towards exacting justice.


The Glory: Is It Based on a True Story?

Many people may think this story sounds like something straight out of a story-writer; however, according to reports from production sources close to the showrunner herself – this story does have roots in reality! Some scenes used in The Glory were inspired by real-life events endured by past victims of school violence – making this series even more potent than imagined! We can only imagine how much stronger views will be after seeing such relatable moments brought onto screens around the world!

In addition to depicting some of these actual life events in dramatic situations, the producers, Yoon Ha-rim and Kim Young-kyu, further enlarged this narrative by creating poignant parallels between many other people’s experiences around them also going through difficult times. The resulting product is one of immense emotional depth, which accurately captures many aspects of an essential part of school violence.



Know Something More About The Glory

The Glory is a South Korean television series. It was released on the well-known platform Netflix on December 30, 2022, with eight episodes. The series’ other part has been planned to be aired this year, and fans have already marked their calendars to join Moon Dong-eun in her thriller journey. The second part of the series will also have eight episodes and will be released on March 10, 2023. It means the suspenseful action sequences will have a total of sixteen thrilling episodes.



Achievements on Netflix

The Glory was ranked nine on the Netflix TV Shows global rankings just two days after its initial release. On day three, it was already the fifth most-watched show in the world on Netflix. With 25.41 million hours of watch time in its first week, the series debuted at number three on Netflix’s Weekly Global Top 10 in the non-English television show category on January 1, 2023.




With its compelling plot and strong characters, “The Glory” shows audiences how one seemingly harmless action can spiral out of control and become a terrifying nightmare, teaching them valuable lessons that can carry them through any difficult times.



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