The Best Vodafone Deals In July 2022

Vodafone broadband

As you might be thinking, “When did Vodafone start offering broadband deals?” It has been around three years since Vodafone started providing home internet services, and it has proven to be one of the most cost-effective providers in the UK market for affordable broadband.

Say goodbye to buffering. Explore ultrafast fiber broadband deals for smoother and better-quality streaming. Vodafone’s fiber broadband Vodafone deals are some of the cheapest on their site. In fact, on a repeating basis, Vodafone broadband deals seem to be amongst the absolute top choices, offering two market-leading fiber broadband deals. Enjoy unbreakable WiFi.


Latest Vodafone Broadband Deals


Superfast 1

Price per month £22.00



The first fiber option from Vodafone is Superfast 1. Vodafone Superfast 1 is among the cheapest fiber broadband deals on the market. This provides average speeds of 38Mbps, ideal for everyday browsing and streaming on a few devices. Superfast 1 has a minimum speed guarantee and a unique value for each property. If your broadband speed falls below this level and Vodafone is unable to remedy it within 30 days, you have the option to leave without penalty.

Have freedom from wires by having this deal. 


Superfast 2

Price per month £22.00



Vodafone’s other option is the Superfast two package, which is tailored toward users with medium-sized homes who need high-quality streaming and gaming connectivity at all times. Superfast 2 offers average speeds of 67Mbps and has the same minimal speed guarantee as Superfast 1. Again, for the rates you get, this is excellent value.

Keep your WiFi blazing fast by having this deal. 


Superfast 100

Price per month £25.00



The first Vodafone deal to use full-fiber, or fiber-to-the-premises technology, this broadband Vodafone connection is excellent for larger households or heavy internet users. If there’s a lot of high-quality gaming, streaming, and downloading, but you only live in a family of about three people, this option might be best for you.


Pro Ultrafast 200

Price per month £35.00



This deal is the first ‘Pro’ offering from Vodafone. As well to a breakneck 200Mbps broadband speed, Vodafone Pro 200 offers a range of extra features and benefits. Enjoy complimentary WiFi boosters for any ‘notspots’ in your home, 4G backup broadband, and on-hand help with your internet issues from dedicated Vodafone ‘Xperts’.

Change the way you connect with this fantastic Vodafone offer. 


Pro Ultrafast 500

Price per month £40.00



Enjoy all of the advantages of Vodafone’s extensive Pro broadband package, but with a massively fast 500Mbps broadband connection. This speed is more than adequate for practically any UK household’s need. But if you rely on ultrafast download speeds for work or competitive gaming, a rate of this level will open up many opportunities.

Harness the power of WiFi by having this broadband deal.

Broadband providers may increase monthly prices in line with the retail or consumer price index each year during your contract. Please refer to the individual Vodafone broadband provider’s terms and conditions before signing up.

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