How Do I Get Started With Tiktok? Check Out This Easy Tiktok Saver Guide

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Along with Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, another social network has been making a lot of noise for a while. Influencers and those who listen to them are using TikTok quickly because it has funny and visually appealing videos.

Have you thought about using TikTok to get famous? Then take a deep breath, dive into this easy TikTok saver guide to save time, and get ready to take off with Tiktok. We will show you how to make a TikTok profile, watch or post a video, and get more fans.



An Easy Tiktok Saver Guide To Know

Are you on TikTok? If not, you’re missing out! TikTok is a social networking app that allows users to create and share short videos with friends and followers. These videos can be of any type, from comedy to dancing to pranks to singing to entertainment.



How To Create TikTok Account


A TikTok account is free and easy to make. Just follow the steps in this easy Tiktok saver guide, and you’ll have one.

  1. Go to Google Play Store or any other App Store and download the TikTok application.
  2. Open the TikTok app and tap on Sign Up at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Select the method through which you want to sign up
  4. Tap the ‘Use phone or email’ option, then enter your birthday.
  5. After that, enter your phone number; if you are not comfortable with the phone number, you may select the email address option.
  6. Provide your email address and continue to sign up.
  7. Please provide a valid phone number or email because, in case of password recovery, it will help you.
  8. Enter your password, and then continue to use Tiktok.
  9. You may select your Google or Facebook account to login into TikTok.
  10. Enjoy using TikTok.



How To Watch Videos On Tiktok

Once you’ve signed up for Tiktok, you can head over to the app to start watching the videos published in your news feed. The videos will auto-play; you can swipe down for the next video and swipe up to watch the previous video.



How To Make Video On TikTok


If you want to make your own TikTok videos, Tap the “+” button in the middle of the screen, from 15 seconds to three minutes choose how long you want to record, and tap the Record button. Once done, tap the Post button. On the next screen, you can write whatever you want about your video and tap “Post” again. The video will be uploaded to your Tiktok account, where anyone can watch it.



How To Get Views On Your TikTok Videos


This easy TikTok saver guide will also help you make your videos more popular, use hashtags, and engage with other users. Hashtags help people find your videos, and if you comment on other people’s videos, they’re more likely to watch yours.




It’s easy to download and use TikTok, and this smart and easy TikTok saver guide will help you understand what it is and how it can make your phone use more fun. So what are you waiting for? Get started on TikTok today.

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