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Sensilab SE review
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Sensilab SE was founded in 2005 with a clear objective – to offer customers reliable, trustworthy, and easy-to-use natural food supplements and support their health and well-being in the best possible way. Their fast-paced, modern lifestyles often mean they don’t have time to focus on healthy meals and personal well-being. That’s why their mission has always been to help people live more healthily – and to make it easy.

Not sure which supplements are best for your needs? Take a look at the Sensilab SE review best sellers that their customers like the most.


Sensilab SE Review | The Best Supplements For The Body

Hormone balance Trio

Price: was SEK 825.99 now SEK 392.99 save 52%

A powerful combination of carefully selected, natural, and hormone-free products that help balance hormone levels. The hormones are the body’s messengers and regulate practically all of its functions. Their Hormonbalans Trio package is the optimal tool for those who suffer from hormonal disorders.

Restore balance and find your way back to a calmer, healthier you!


Hepafar Forte Premium 2+2 FREE

Price: was SEK 839.99 now SEK 380.99 save 55%


Natural and super effective liver cleansing with patented milk thistle extract that offers 10* times higher bioavailability compared to other milk thistle capsules, for a thorough detox of the liver. Now with ginger to help manage inflammatory reactions!

Have this now to eliminate toxins from the body.


Belly Bye

Price: was SEK 909.99 now SEK 364.99 save 60%

Effective 30-day detox and weight loss regimen that will help turn your overburdened liver into a fat-burning machine! The ultimate combo to kick-start weight loss and get rid of belly fat and bloating. The Belly Bye package contains two of our favorite products for weight loss through detoxification. The ultimate combo to kick-start weight loss and get rid of belly fat and bloating.

Have this now and say goodbye to extra centimeters around the hips.


Garcinia Slim: fast and effective weight loss

Price: was SEK 233.99 now SEK 147.99 save 37%



Losing weight has never been easier! This formula is developed to suppress appetite and make weight loss easier, faster, and more effective. The most effective appetite suppressant on the market – lose weight effortlessly from now on! Garcinia cambogia works by effectively blocking fat, which means it inhibits the formation of new fat cells.

Shape your body in a healthy and effective way!


Teeth Whitening Kit + FREE SHIPPING

Price: was SEK 1,060.99 now SEK 399.99 save 62%


Natural ingredients for naturally white teeth! Discover our teeth whitening gel with a new and improved formula that whitens, strengthens, repairs, protects, and soothes your teeth! Enamel protective product that gives you better results than ever before. Each use makes your smile whiter and shinier. Since the product is free of peroxide, it is safe to use daily for up to 6 days.

Get a shiny white smile, from the comfort of your home.


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